Who died at Fox News?

Switched over to Fox news last night around midnight and couldn't believe how quiet and somber it was. That big jug head brett bear and the head of the teabaggers, carl rove were looking like they were ready to cry. Wall street might fire rove after this defeat. At first I didn't see Billy O'rielly there and for a moment thought that he got his turkey neck caught in a car door and suffocated to death. Well Fox news can now go back to criticizing and picking the president apart again, that is the only thing their good at.

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And , morons actually bought into the latest BIG LIE from liberal liars that Obammy's "Recovery", is running full steam ahead !

Oh well, these D voters will continue showing their complete vapid selves in their posts, their votes, and their buying lies from other liars !

HAPPY NEW YEARS , to Obozo's New 22 taxes to fund OweBaMaoscare Nightmare Healthscare !
Plus, GW's across the board tax cuts ends for EVERYONE causing another $1.5 TRILLION to be stolen from the middle class already stung 15%, in income reductions under Obammy's tenure.

And, expect more MASSIVE layoffs due to these new 22 taxes, OweBaMaoscare, and defense cuts to fund Liberalism's failures.

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