Romney Will Make A Fortune

For all the disillusioned voters of Mitt Romney, don't worry, Mitt will be fine. The stock market took a dive today on news that Willard didn't win but there will be a major rally in the days ahead that Romney is sure to cash in on: pharmaceutical stocks. Yes, that's right, pharmaceutical stocks. For all you investors out there you had better contact your stockbroker immediately. The pharmaceutical companies in the days ahead will be making a killing on antidepressants. All the Willard fans out there will certainly need them now their candidate has lost. Hurry! Cash in now!

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Romney already had a fortune handed down to him by his father. You mean he will add to his coffer, like the rich get richer saying.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

Mitt, gave 100% of his inheritance away the day he received it !

Hey stupid, know anyone from the job killing, net worth killing, home value killing, liberal Dim party, scum who has ever done that ?!

No, you don't and NO Liberal has ever given anything away that he / she didn't steal in the first place.

HAPPY NEW year FOOLS WHO VOTED FOR Obozo, Mr. Tax Increase, all to fund Fascism.

1/1/2013, taking more middle class income than the 15% already lost during Obozo's,"recovery".
Then, GW's across the board tax cuts end 1/1/2013, adding $1.6 TRILLION to the middle class tax burden.
And then, the fiscal cliff that Obammy, never mentioned ONCE, during his lying campaign occurs, causing deep defense cuts causing a MONSTER SIZED increase in both unemployment and middle class income reductions.

Yes, the rich will remain rich and the middle class will be once again crucified by the Demonrat Criminal Party of AmeriKa, the greatest job killers, home value killers, net worth killers, that all of World History, has ever known.

Too bad for the stupid though, they will remain as obtuse as ever.

The author of this idiotic piece assures us all of that !!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! from Obammy, your mammy cradle to grave !!!!

This ?!
During the "Vaunted Obammy Recovery " ?!

Hmmm, seems to me nothing much has changed expect to stay the course of job killing, net worth killing, home value killing, and killing the American Dream, by tax , waste, and regulate jobs to death Dimwits.

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEARS , to Obammy's new 22 Healthscare taxes, GW's across the board tax cuts end, and LAYOFFS from defense contractors and their suppliers, like you cannot fathom !

Happy Daze, never returns under Fascism....ask any Cuban, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan, Russian, Chinese , N.Korean, and now sadly American's.

The problem with your post Sarge is Obamacare has done more for health insurance premiums than any other government program before it.


Have to do with Obamacare or health premiums? It's the pharmaceutical companies who will clean up. You so-called conservatives need to try to find a new derogatory term for the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare has been embraced by the President as a compliment. I know it's difficult for you guys to come up with a new epithet unless you are parroting a new Limbaugh line.

Obamacare is a disaster by all sane metrics. If the President wants to embrace that as complimentary, then the President is mentally ill. More likely, his supporters are.

You can no more honestly call it the Affordable Care Act than you can call a gun a Happy Fun Joy Bringer.

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