Jeep might be sending jobs to China, BUT GM DEFINIELY IS

$1.1 BILLION of U.S. taxpayer money to BUILD A GM PLANT IN CHINA.

"GM Receives Regulatory Approval for 300,000-Unit Plant in China's Hubei Province"
Published: 2/13/2012

"GM's passenger vehicle production joint venture in China has won approval for a new 300,000-unit, USD1.1-billion plant in Central China."

"Earlier this year, GM's CEO Dan Akerson was quoted as saying that the automaker was looking to expand production in China by 760,000 units (see China: 17 January 2012: GM Plans More Plants in China). This is understood to refer to SGM, which currently has four plants in China, of which two are undergoing significant expansion projects."

THAT is how you do "outsourcing" libs. Using YOUR money to pay foreign construction workers to build a foreign manufacturing plant in a foreign country that pays foreign taxes to a foreign government that will employ foreign workers who will also pay taxes to that foreign country, ALL USING YOUR MONEY.

Considering the average yearly income in China is around 8075 yuans which is just about $4397.00 U.S. dollars, do you Libs REALLY think that these cars are being sold to the Chinese market? Obama leg humpers who retired from the UAW and now spend their entire day posting crap on swampbubbles or bad-mouthing radio talk show hosts might say so.

Lap up the Obama Lies you gullible useful Idiots and vote for the empty suit Golfer-In-Chief so he can use YOUR money to send YOUR JOB to China.

I haven't even mentioned GM sending YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO FINLAND OR MEXICO.

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was primarily a bailout of the bankrupt unions themselves.

Union bureaucrats have looted BILLIONS from member's in pension monies, disability monies, and life insurance monies STOLEN & MISMANAGED !!
So, the 8,500 Delphi retirees , were ripped off of BILLIONS,15% of Fiat-Chrysler MAGICALLY became owned by the UAW , and Obammy, sent in BILLIONS !

Therefore making the embezzled members BILLIONS, now flush with dough ?!

All at a cost of $1 TRILLION, which our great grandchildren can pay off.

This is the Chicago Way, of doing business.

I thought everyone knew that ?!

Romney is NOT LYING about Chrysler building a plant in China.

And he's not. It's true, period. The really infuriating part is that over ONE BILLION DOLLARS of the U.S. taxpayer money "lent" to Marchionne & his company was never paid back, and never will be. This debt was forgiven with the understanding that we were saving AMERICAN JOBS. Not with the understanding that Marchionne could take the BILLION PLUS DOLLARS and create jobs in China.

Any administration cronies who say differently (Beelzebubba for example) are lying through their teeth.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

To bad they don't send a lump of shit like you to china.

The global mean wage is about $2/hr. The same metric for the USA is about $18/hr. So that's what's really driving all this... that, and the still cheap petroleum that allows products to flow from low-wage nations (as workers) to high-wage nations (as consumers).

But petroleum depletion won't save us. The same petroleum starvation that will shut down this global wage-exploitation system, will also destroy about the same amount of employment in the USA. We'll still be newly poor. Land reform (spurred by food shortages) will lead to civil war, and Americans are very well armed. The future is already written. Our children and grand-children are doomed to become soldiers or victims.

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