Marchionne is a shyster

That was fairly unmistakeable when (I think it was) 60 Minutes recently did a kissy smoochy, pretty-him-up, piece on this Italian jerk. The evidence is pretty clear that:

1) BO gave him a bunch of U.S. taxpayer money to this Italian jerk, in order to make it look like BO cared about the U.S. auto industry.

2) Marchionne then called the money you and & supplied to him "shyster loans".

3) Chrysler has since been used as a cash cow for failing Fiat.

4) Marchionne's interest is not in American workers, but in using this venerable U.S. business to not only prop up Fiat, but help out poor socialistic, failing Europe.

Romney's thinking on the selective auto bailouts just looks smarter and smarter every day.

(Sorry if this double posts - almost forgot to include this link:)

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