Senator Mourdock said what he believed

In a recent debate, Indiana Senator Richard Murdock stated that the creation of life, even in the case of rape, "Is something that God intended".

While I am quite sure this has enraged many in the US, I think that the Senator stated his opinion and his view. Life is so precious that if created, could be of a plan that we cannot or choose not to conceptualize that it deserves to be protected.

And that is where the pro life or as I like to to say "protectors of innocent life " differ from abortionists. I believe that life is so sacred and so fragile that it needs to be protected from the moment it is conceived or realized. Anything or anyone that destroys that innocent life, a life condemned to death for no wrong done to another on this earth, is wrong.

In the days after I heard comment from others in government saying that this wasn't what their god intended. I would ask them to reflect on those words and ask who or what their god is that it does not value and protect life. What kind or god would condemn a soul due to the actions of another. What god I ask. Certainly not the God of love and truth, not the God of compassion, not the God of eternal life, not my God.

So while we may not agree on all things, I applaud the Senator for speaking what he felt, at that time in that place..God does work in mysterious ways and he will always talk to us somehow, just need to be listening.

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completely when words like rape or retarded are used by adults in a moral way.
It is in their DNA, to act out like babies who have had their bottle taken from their mouths.

You must be a fuck up like the senator you applauded. Was it a standing ovation? Did you stand up in front of your computer and clap? Or did you give him a quiet theater type clap?
Nothing personal:)

detail are murdered,sodomized, dragged through the streets, and then is lied about for 30 days !?

Obozo-is such a physical coward, mental coward, and cold blooded human...he'll live every day knowing he is one worthless human being and the absolutely worst "Commander In Chief", America, has ever had !

And, traitorous "Americans", are actually going to vote for this coward in chief ?!

It actually is a theological belief that some denominations of Christianity believe in.

As a Catholic and as philosophical thinker I've come to reject this belief myself. Primarily because it counters God's two greatest gifts. The ability to have free will and the ability to create in God's image.

However, because it's his belief and not countered by fact, it means that mine holds no more merit than his as we are equal individuals with equal ability to think and come to the answers to questions on our own.

As a student of history, current affairs, and politics I don't believe this will hurt Murdock's hopes with the coming election. It came too late and these issues are too far down the priority list. Plus it's not as if he had said something like Mr. Akin which itself was a disqualifier for political office.


and therefore, true. Your made-up fairy tales are not. In rejecting the Word of God and His Son, Jesus - you are rejecting the greatest Gift God bestowed upon humanity. Jesus Himself said that He came not to condemn anyone, but that whoever does not believe on Him as the Son of God, is condemned already. My 5-year-old twin nephews understand more true Bible theology than you do. Repentance is available, but I've read enough of your posts to recognize you as someobdy who endeavors to block knowledge of divine truth. In other words, you don't only not believe the Word yourself, but want to stop others from believing as well. A charge the Lord Jesus laid on the Pharisees of his day.

Ok, well then ask your 5-year-old twin nephews this.

If everything happens only because of God's will then by thus I can do whatever I want and not have consequences for my actions because I believe in God will. Right?

So, if I commit suicide I am yes taking away God's gift of life but..... isn't that God's will by Murdock's definition?

"In other words, you don't only not believe the Word yourself, but want to stop others from believing as well." If it was not Jesus' job to condemn why do you think it is your to condemn me?

The problem is FG, I am faithful. I have a strong belief in God and I believe in Jesus. Yet I have the logical reasoning ability to realize that God's will is for me to have free will. God will accept my mistakes. It is not mine to judge as you have. I reserve judgment for the judge, God. He will judge you as he does I. The best part is... we will both be forgiven equally. Isn't that nice? Both you and I will stand side by side in heaven each equally judged for our sins.

Now I have never tried to prevent others from believing in anything. Please show me where I have. What I do is encourage those who believe to study their beliefs and know WHY they believe the way they do. Why? It reinforces their belief and makes it stronger.

For instance. I've had many athiests argue with me and walk away frustrated. Why? Because I can justify the existence of God from a scientific standpoint and a basis in Natural Law.

"Your made-up fairy tales are not." Please tell me what "fairy tales". Be specific and quote as much as possible.


Willard, once you opened your post with an ignorant, profanity laced point of view you lost any moral high ground you could have ever possibly hoped to gain.

Otherwise you lose.

But how do you ever justify killing an innocent fetus?......:-(

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