Add your Government subsidized industry here

I would like to try an experiment and you participation is needed.

Think of an industry. Any industry here in the United States and think of a way they might receive a Federal Subsidy. Not just one company but how a segment of our economy might receive a tax break or tax payer money back through the Government.

Here's how this idea started. We all now know of the video from Cleveland where a paid Obama supporter was bragging of her free paid Obama phone.
Now we all know that the cell phone wasn't free, but subsidized by a tax those of us pay for our own cell phones are required to pay. You have to admit that is a great deal if you are a cell phone provider and you are providing those free phones.

So, I would like to start this survey off with the Cellular Phone Industry for passing a tax on to the government and turning around and providing a phone free of charge (at our expense) to the under-served.

I want everyone to look at the way our government picks the winners and losers.

Please give examples.

Your thoughts.....

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Everyone needs a phone to survive...right. You need it like water ..or food...or air.

I must admit this is one I have never understood. Why oh why would the government supply anyone with a phone? Whats next ..subsidized broadband? I wouldn't put it out of the question with the advertisements I have been hearing for "Free computer training". ( some magical fairy created the money for this.)
And yes Mr. Apathy I have seen this before,,,does the agriculture industry rings a bell. We subsidize all kinds of programs, from peanuts to cotton to corn, for years on end for the vote of the people.

My personal favorite was the additional tax ...or should i say fee to ensure the country was equally covered with internet access. It's called the Universal connectivity fund fee and I wonder if it will ever be lifted. but then who would ever eliminate a cash cow like that.

For those of you who are taking notes....and look up the the how it works.

The federal government mandated a fee (higher tax) on companies(aka. the rich) for what they sold as a noble purpose. The company passes these savings onto the consumer (you). You in turn are forced to pay higher prices for services. Sound familiar.

WE just want the rich to pay a little more? Why so they can charge me more for the stuff they sell me....?

Has anyone seen my free Obamaphone?

Locally this idea that govt. picks winners and losers can best be exemplified by the Erie St. Market and the MarinaTerminal. Both can be rented out by groups in which to hold their events. There are numerous rental halls available throughout the city. They are in direct competition with these city run halls, and in fact pay taxes to keep those competitors in business. The city run halls have their utilities, security etc paid for by taxes, they pay no property tax. They can keep their price lower than privately owned halls who pay for all that and more.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

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