So tired of self-important hollywood actresses who sanction murder

This is murder, and it's horrific. So how BRAIN DEAD do you have to be, regardless of your occupation, be it over-paid liberal politician, or godless hollywood actress - to have zero compassion for the unborn? There is a black dead part of these individuals' hearts. These are people who not only SANCTION this, but turn a blind eye to many of these murdered babies then being chopped up into body parts which are then sold. The Mafia has NOTHING on the abortion industry and its supporters.

Sorry, Tina Fey, but a majority of the country is tired of hearing people like you spout off, when, in fact, you won't look at the pictures, nor admit the truth. And the prez talks about "character" - what character? Pro-abortionists HAVE NO CHARACTER!

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I think we have allowed liberals to take over the labeling of many things with which we should not accept. I would encourage all Conservatives and Libertarians to take back the language and use the following:

That's what liberals like Marcy Kaptur and Barack Obama really mean. They could care less: 1) about the American empolyees who make Hondas and Toyotas in the U.S. or 2) that Chrysler is not an American company. They are the lap dogs of the unions.

Instead of "PRO-CHOICE" use "PRO-ABORTION"
Instead of "PRO-LIFE" use "ANTI-ABORTION"
The only thing that distinguishes between "Pro-choice" and "Pro-life" is the acceptance of abortion. Liberals don't like the label "Pro-abortion" because it's too strong. Well, let's call it what it is--you are in favor of abortion as an option.

As an aside to this last point, I work with lots of liberals who say to me "If you're "Pro-life," how can you be in favor of the death penalty." That's when I tell them "I'm anti-abortion--against innocent unborn children being killed. That's very different from being in favor of death to an adult who commits murder."

Dumbass, what do you mean when you say "WE"? Do you mean you and your sister the Farmers Daughter? Did you and that quief you respond to all the time have some kind of power to prevent something? OR, are you dreaming again and waking up in a cold sweat? LOL

Personally, for various reasons, I always use the terms Pro-Life and Pro-Abortion. And always ask liberals who cite "choice"... "Choice to do what?". And supply them with the answer when they have none - choice to murder a baby.

I've read and heard Dr. Nathanson many times (formerly an abortion Dr., and former atheist) who turned against this infanticide while he was still an atheist. [He is now a Christian.] Dr. Nathanson was one of the founding members of NARAL, which is why you NEVER hear Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters mention him. He is FAMOUS, all pro-abortionists know who he is, but he is completely blacked out by the mainstream media, of course. They broadcast their agenda, rather than the truth.

Dr. Nathanson is also the narrator of the film "silent scream" (of an actual abortion). The feminazis went berserk when this film came out years ago. It was broadcast on some tv outlets, which is where I saw it. But the feminazis effectively prevented it from going mainstream. They are not too proud of the infanticide they advocate, and they know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the more people who see the pictures, the more people who will turn against this.

I heard Dr. Nathanson once, on tv, say that in one of the initial meetings of NARAL, while sitting around the conference table, one person suggested they use the word "choice" - that abortion should be a woman's "choice". He said that EVERY PERSON around that conference table laughed out loud, because none of them thought the American public was stupid enough to buy that argument.

Well, may God bless Dr. Nathanson for trying to warn the American public. For that matter Norma McCorvey (she was so-called Jane "Roe") has been sounding the alarm for several years as well. She is completely Pro Life now. Most people don't realize that she never had an abortion - that she had a daughter - who I believe was given up for adoption. She recounts that Sarah Weddington (attorney) and her cronies USED her (Norma) for their own purposes during the Roe v Wade court case, and basically cast her aside when they got what they wanted from 7 brain-dead, black hearted, black robed judges.

My "reply" was obviously to "Galt", not to Mikey

This "reply" is to Zeitgeist not to LibscanBlowMe

Speaking of which... anybody hear from Z recently?


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