Who Won The Debate Tonight---Joe or Marcy?

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He got right in her face with things that were hard to defend against, like the truth! Too bad the Republicans running for higher office didn't have similar debating skills and demeanor.

Joe, an unpolished political debator just telling it straight up as to how he felt had Marcy, a lifetime Politico on the ropes not knowing quite how to respond. He didn't shy away from disagreeing with his own party affiliation when necessary and challenged Marcy with plain speak. I do not neccessarily agree with everything he said but it was a debate in its purest form which I found refreshing.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

However, the 9th District's voters are a lazy loafing lot trained like seals to clap and ask for sardines thrown to them by Marcy, et al., when asked.

Toledo's Future-is as Dim, as the majority of its citizens are...proof is everywhere.

Marcy just can't explain how a region so dominated by Liberal economic policies has fallen into such collapse. Well, there is an explanation, and it's due to those same Liberal economic policies. But she was elected to promote those, not to discredit or change them.