Paul Ryan tried an old trick during the debate

I noticed during the vice presidential debate that Paul Ryan used the old "JFK cut taxes to the rich" slight of hand trick. What Ryan purposely left out was that Kennedy cut the top rate from about 90% to around 65%. I didn't hear him mention that part, most conservatives trying this trick ever do. Today the top rate is somewhere around 35%. Ryan evokes the name of JFK, but doesn't really want to suggest a 65% top rate for his rich owners. Be carefull, Ryan's a slick one, and so is Mitt.

Here's an article about the JFK stuff:

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No need to worry about the JFK reference. Biden set Ryan straight about him not being Kennedy. (I think Joe smirked after saying that. Did anybody else see Joe smirk or was I the only one? You had to look really close.)

I think I might have seen Joe smirk (and maybe even chuckle). You had to watch really closely because he only did it once.

My favorite part of the debate was when Biden denied that the Libya embassy had ever asked for more security. You gotta admire a man who can lie and not even wrinkle his brow (well, I think the Botox may have something to do with that).

Don't forget, Biden also claimed he voted against both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.....he voted FOR both of them.
He was trying to claim that the deficit is Bush's fault, saying "they put 2 wars on the credit card".
That's just more bullshit. Since 2001, entitlement spending has dwarfed the cost of the wars.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Or, is he just another weirdo whose arguements are as counter intuitive as he posts ?!

Either way, an imbecile voting for Obozo, is still an imbecile.

My favorite part was Biden using the work "malarkey"! Because only people who are swell and gay use the word malarkey.


Exactly east side rambo, just like you just used it.

Wolfman, how does my home qualify as the East Side? I live farther west then anyone on here from what I know. Even when I did live in Toledo I grew up in the South End. My parents still maintain a residence in Maumee.


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