"Rev" Wright and Black Liberation Theology

More blanks filled in on a very secret life:


And isn't it sad how easy it is to manipulate a good sized portion of the American public (as in 2008). All the "unseen hand" guys had to do is make sure 2 of the most unattractive candidates in American history were put up against BO - and the cutest guy won. Well, that was then - this is now.

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...this ain't no U.S. of America....it's the goddamned us america...the chickens ...have come home ...to roost.

Hillary, ain't never been called a nigga...

Edify what you can from this shate...after 30 years of this ( a no show 51 out of 52 Sundays for 30 years in reality ) Obammy, is what he is...emptier than Clint's chair, devoid of humanity ...ask his brother George,ill and resdiing in a mud hut in Kenya, about that.


over, and over, and over and over until it believes that it s done it enough.

And then, it continues the behavior once treats are thrown to it.

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