Obama Supporter Says She Is Voting For Obama Because He Gives Out Obama Phones

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he wouldn't give a spit about this loud mouthed boar.

Kurt Haskell
That's the husband of the attorney husband/wife duo:


I think they live in Rockwood, Michigan. There is a link inside the above link, which is apparently the family blog. Two years ago, I read a lot that was posted by the wife. I will have to do some review to catch up to any other developments.

In my opinion, this is a brave couple, who are apparently not inclined to let this drop. This underwear guy was undoubtedly a patsy. Too bad for the administration that there are at least 2 credible witnesses on that flight, who saw and reported the truth.

But again - how many Lucas County OR Wayne County Michigan residents even know of the existence of this couple??? There appears to be no lie or obfuscation that the national media won't commit to cover for BO.

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