This election--fraudulent voters might be caught

When I first learned that the Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted was sending out absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in the State, I was perplexed as to why a Republican would be doing something that seemed to aid and abet possible voter fraud.

It wasn't until I attended a Conservative election event and a friend explained to me the purpose of the mailing that I realized that it was quite effective. Here's what I was told.

If you look at the envelope that your absentee ballot application came in, you'll notice it says "Do Not Forward." That's the key. Husted's office is going to take the envelopes that are returned "Undeliverable," make a list of the voters' names associated with the returned envelopes according to the precincts in which they are registered, and distribute the lists to the corresponding precinct polling places.

If someone shows up to vote whose absentee ballot application was returned because they no longer live there or the address on the registration is a vacant lot, the polling worker will be able to identify that person as someone who has an inaccurate registration. The best case scenario for that voter will be to receive a provisional ballot and their information to be reviewed furthered before their vote can be considered.

As it turns out, Husted's absentee ballot registration plan will assist in cleaning-up the ACORN-contaminated registration list.

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Husted is just single-mindedly going ahead and cleaning up as much as he can. He is doing exactly what we elected him to do.

This isn't precisely on the same topic, but don't want to create a new story just for this item. [It is sort of related in the sense that you can pick up some good and truthful information at various conservative events.]

Rush Limbaugh had a caller yesterday who was just excellent. He didn't self-identify as African American at the beginning of the call. He said he recently went to a Tea Party event, because he had been told repeatedly how racist Tea Party voters were. The caller said he wanted to find out exactly HOW racist these people were. Then he got to the gathering and found he agreed with everything that was being discussed - NO RACISM - just consistent conservatism. He said he was amazed he agreed with the other attendees.

The caller then went on to say that he had started (back some time) listening to Limbaugh for the same reason he went to the Tea Party event. He wanted to hear for himself exactly HOW racist Limbaugh was, because liberals always say that Rush is a racist. Well, the African American caller had the same experience he had at the Tea Party event more recently. He couldn't hear any racism on the Limbaugh program - and he was listening for it carefully. He just heard ideas with which, for the most part, he agreed. No racism. He's been listening to Rush ever since.

I have good friends who live their lives as conservatives. They have conservative ideas and values. They didn't vote in presidential elections for many years, in disgust at the 2-party system. But then voted for BO 4 years ago. We carefully don't discuss politics, because they believe every liberal lie on tv - and ALL of their information comes from liberal commentators, nowhere else. They continue to live their lives as conservatives (been poor, but never on food stamps, by choice) and judge themselves and others based on conservative values - but are too blind to see that they are voting against their own personal values.

Anyway - the caller into the Limbaugh program woke up. I think my friends will wake up - but when it's too late. They will wake up in 2014, if BO is still there, when friends of theirs who are not yet eligible for Medicare (my friends are, as well as VA benefits... Vietnam Vet), have to pony up $4000 to $6,000 per year on insurance policies (not health care) that they don't want or need. The crying and wailing will be loud and long in 2014 - but it will be too late then.

Surprise surprise along with cut & paste video and photo shopped pics we get fraudulent ads running on local HATE radio!
Mandel radio ad's sponsor admits statements attacking Sen. Brown aren't true

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Just trying to figure out what your comment has to do with fraudulent voters.

It's too late for all private insurance in the United States. Costs are too high and too many 'freeloaders' are in the system. Given what's happening today, the system of using private insurance to cover a bona fide illness or injury has really collapsed. The system doesn't actually function as insurance. You either don't get the contracted care, or you can't afford to pay the bills that invariably slip through the insurer to you.

The crying and wailing must increase across the land no matter who was elected, except perhaps the Libertarians. Real fiscal conservatism and restraint has long been missing in the popular political system. Now the federal government has conned Americans into believing it can't possibly operate on only $2200 billion a year, hence it needs to borrow $1500 billion more to make up for the "shortfall".

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