Beelzebubba - easily our most wicked president

Debated about posting this - he's so slimy, as is almost everything about him.

Wasn't gonna - then I saw little Bobby Schieffer trying to present him on Sunday as some kind of elder statesman, instead of the creep he is:

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It's better read from the title at the top, down.

You know--I'm not typically inclined to think of things as being "supernatural," but I swear there's something to Obama being the devil.

I recall reading an article after Pope John Paul II died that they found in his papers a statement where he believed that the devil was on earth and would appear in the near future as a slick leader who would be adored by millions. He would then systematically begin to turn the world into an evil place where nations would fight each other and people would turn away from Christianity. I remember telling my family and friends about this and we would try to guess who the devil on earth could be. My money was on Tom Cruise.

Pope John Paul II died in 2005. He (or we) had never heard of Barrack Obama at that time. Add to that the opinions expressed by both his supporters and detractors that he has difficulty making and keeping personal relationships (hello Oprah) and I think the Pope's description fits Obama to a tee.


Your description is more applicable to W. Obama has not started any wars; Bush started 2. Granted, he was never accused of being "slick." (in any sense of the word)

Let's recap--wars have been fought to:

1) End slavery

2) End Nazism and Facism

3) End mass killings by Hitler and Hussein

4) End oppression against women and allow them to vote

At the risk of sounding crazy, I've harbored those same thoughts myself. Until now, kept it to myself. I believe he is at the very least evil.


Obama is the devil because he won't make cars run on water!

That and.... Nostradamus predicted that the Anti-Christ would rise and be named Mabus.
Who is the Secretary of the Navy????? Ray Mabus!!!!!!

Also he's been dismantling NASA by slowly selling off the bases that they used to fake the moon landings.

The Libyan attack was actually an inside job so that he could authorize Egypt to become a socalist country and given Iran nuclear weapons.


I know it to be true. Jesse Ventura's t.v. show told me! LOL


not to discuss science with fundamentalist "christians." If the earth is 6000 years old, dinosaurs lived among men, and all of humanity descended from two people; discussing anything beyond the existence of gravity is dicey. I'd stay away from internal combustion.
It is amusing to watch her wrestle with it though.

I don't recall asking you to "discuss" anything with me. Nor do I recall holding a gun to your head forcing you to read my stuff. There are several posters on here that when I see their moniker, I skip their stuff. I posted some info on steam cars. Big whoop - so what? I also have NEVER, on this board, gotten into circular arguments (or ANY arguments) about God's creation. So you bring it up for the sole purpose of mocking me, because you dislike Christians in general? Another big whoop. Your hatred for evangelicals is duly noted, but doesn't bother me in the least, because the Bible is true, and as it predicts, you - personally - WILL bow the knee to the Lord Jesus Christ eventually. it says "EVERY knee will bow...", and that includes yours.

I won't make a mocking comment like I'm "amused" - because non-believers make me sad, not happy or amused. And you are not amused - you are ticked off that you can't make everybody agree with you. I'm sorry for you.

As to how old the earth is - I couldn't care less. It could be millions and billions of years old. So what? Proving what? There is enough scripture to cover any earth age. The key to that, many evangelicals believe, is between Genesis verse 1 and verse 2. What might have happened there? We don't know, God doesn't specify. I don't give a rip how old the earth is, which is why I never get into those stupid evolutionist arguments. Interestingly, New Testament scripture says that mockers like you will always mock, but that it is God's mercy that is giving mockers of God and his Son time to come to a knowledge of the truth. Whether you take advantage of his mercy is entirely up to you.

Any lurkers actually interested in facts from a scientific viewpoint might be interested in Hugh Ross's website [you'll have to google it - I haven't heard or read Ross in several years]. He is evangelical Christian, a highly educated astronomer (with FAR more education to his credit than you "Proggie", and if memory serves, comes down on the side of an "old earth".

Proggie, you remind me of that Everybody Loves Raymond episode where the gal says to brother Robert: "You know Robert, we all come from frogs." That I do think is funny...cracks me up every time.

Ignorant statement:.."Pope John Paul II died in 2005. He (or we) had never heard of Barrack Obama at that time." Actually, Barack Obama was the keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic Convention. 2004 was the year before 2005....duh!

But a HUGE amount of truthful information about Obama has been carefully hidden, and I'm not sure any Pope, regardless of Vatican involvement in world politics, would have taken BO seriously even in 2004, because so much information about him has been deliberately buried.

You might want to examine this link:

There is a photo somewhere of Lugar & BO in Russia at the time of the incident. I think it's in Skolnick's archives somewhere. (The archives are kept alive by interested donors.) Skolnick - who lived in Chicago - was privy to lots of confidential info, due to his anti-corruption activities. John Paul Stevens ascended to the Supreme Court, basically on the back of Skolnick's activist work. But never really gave Skolnick the credit due.

It's on the internet, it must be true.

off the top of SensorG's head... it must be true (chuckle chuckle)

comment further cause I could be tied up in this stupid conversation all day and still would not have made any progress towards sanity on the original comment.......

Always wise to fold when you're losing. And in this case I am specifically referring to losing the battle of finding a way around the truth about super slime, piece of human garbage, Beelzebubba.

I had to actually think for a while about why the instant, and really stupid, personal attacks when this "whatreallyhappened" article (above) was posted - - rather than his loyalists addressing the evils committed by this icko sicko.

It's so obvious - there IS no defense for this creep, so nobody in his camp tries to defend him - they just change the subject & attack any messengers armed with the truth. That is the only strategy left open to defenders of evildoers.

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