Internal presidential polls show a different story

Obama won Pennsylvania by 10 percentage points in 2008. Real Clear Politics has Obama currently ahead in the polls by 9.5 percent. Looks pretty good in Pennsylvania for Obama, doesn't it?

Well, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (a Pittsburgh newspaper not owned by the Block family) poll finds that Obama only leads Romney by 2 points--47 to 45. This is backed up by a Pennyslvania Republican Party internal poll that shows Obama ahead by 1 point.

Then why is it that Pennsylvania isn't considered a toss-up state? It's because the mainstream liberal media control the presidential poll game. They decide what they want the results of the polls to be and conduct the research accordingly. That's also why polls can be so wrong in predicting actual election outcomes (see Carter versus Reagan).

The moral to the story is: Don't put any faith in the polls--they do little other than act as election tools for liberals.

Here's a link to an article about the Pennsylvania polls:

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when Toledo , re-elected Carleton S. Finkbiner-Dim.
Or, as dead as Ohio became after Strickland-Dim., landed.
Or, as dead as Michigan, when Granholm-Dim became Governor there.
Or, as dead as Wisconsin, when Jim Doyle-Dim., became Governor.
Or, as dead as Detroit, when Kwame Kilpatrick-Dim., became Mayor.

The correlation is perfect in its simplest form-Vote the Dim-and die a slow miserable death from punitive taxation, job killing regulations & taxes, public union schools as pathetic as any in the World, and citizens fleeing , disgusted at the Graft & Thievery that all unionized Dims, play to.

America, bought cheaply on wholesale by Dims, bent on destroying it as quickly as possible.

I think if internal Republican polls really that close, they wouldn't have pulled all their money out last month.

One poll is one poll. Two polls is an indicator. Three is a trend.

If other polling confirms this I would expect Romney to put money into PA. Right now only the SuperPACs are putting money into the state.

The National polls are showing the race tight with the Pres at 48% and Romney at 47%. The race will break one way or another in the final two weeks. The state polling has all still remained within MOE and state polls are subject to more fluctuation because internal weighting and demographics are harder to hit.


Well that is one of them. From what I last read American Crossroad's (Karl Rove's group) was investing most of their money in FL, WI, PA, and CO.

Granted that could have changed. I really don't follow what super pacs are doing unless it's odd or uniquely notable.


But "un-skewed" polls are apparently favoring Romney. I still fear Romney will win the popular vote, but BO will squeak by via the electoral college. The same problem Gore had in 2000. I hope I'm wrong.

Having said that - I DO believe Romney owes an apology to hundreds of thousands of his own base - first for disrespecting them in his (subterfuge video) comments - and secondly for not even understanding economic basics in the year 2012.

He shouldn't have been taped, any more than Obama is taped when kissing up to Hollywood millionnaires. But we conservatives expect better from our candidates.

Would you say he's.... LOSING STEAM!!!!!!



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