Mitt Romney Think's 47 Percent Of Americans Don't Matter (Here What He Said Behind Closed Doors)

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that someone calls it as it is. Those who are dependent on the government for housing, food, health coverage are not interested in becoming self sufficient. They would never vote for Romney or anyone else who spoke of dismantling some of the entitlement programs that they enjoy.

If I were Mitt, I'd make no apologies at all. It is what it is.

Big Jim

Yep, the Dems should have sat on this. Gallup just had a poll question that asked if Americans thought there should be more or less gov't in their lives. It was almost a 2 to 1 in favor of less. Then they roll out this video. DUMB!

If they wanted this to be effective they would have waited until the last week of the election giving Romney only a limited ammount of time to respond. Instead they responded today of rolling out a video of the President in '98 favoring a redistribution of wealth.

Plus the roll out of this video is a panic. Just like how they screamed gaffe last week after Romney's correct assertion of the crisis in Egypt. The Obama Campaign is now throwing anything against the wall hoping it sticks.

Even Nate Silver concluded today that if the race is tied, as it is today, on election day Romney will win.


They can't become self sufficient. There's not enough capital in their hands to allow that, and it's not like the government will get off their back from their constant demands to get paid taxes on land, labor, purchases, utilities, etc.

When you earn a wage in the USA, you're subject to so many taxes and fees from all levels of government, that at least 40% of your yearly income is summarily confiscated in the process. In major cities that tends to rise to 50%. That is the real problem here. We have an enormous set of government levels, and it bleeds the middle class taxpayers dry.

Unfortunately, our government is so out of control now that at the federal level, it borrows 40 cents on each dollar is spends, just to keep up the pretense of growth. It literally out-ran the ability of the tax base to support it... so it kept on going, with borrowing. We're in the deepest possible shit over this, now... each actual taxpayer is put into $10000 more debt due to federal borrowing, that that's really deferred taxation. It's wholly extra that each taxpayer on average owes, since each taxpayer already paid their taxes each year. In Obama's term, that's about $40000 that each taxpayer has to come up with, in addition to everything else payable via taxes, due via debt, or due via yearly bills. Each American taxpayer is about $40K poorer as a result... which puts much of the current middle class down into poverty with 4 strokes of Obama's budget pen (not that the Democrats could even craft a budget, but still).

This is a far bigger problem than RMoney complaining about the surface issues of welfare. But he's not going to fix the welfare per se, since he's not going to put a stop to government borrowing. Since he intends to increase our already massive military spending, and then cut taxes even further on the rich, there's no possible way to avoid the huge deficits of today. So in his administration, each taxpayer American will get loaded up with about $10K more debt on top of everything else. Obama already doing that, pretty much loaded up the common taxpayer with a big student loan balance that he apparently doesn't see coming. RMoney will just about double that. It's already destroyed the middle class. The name of the coming game must be something like fomenting the indebted middle class into outright street warfare with the current poor.

Welfare is a big problem, but it's really the least of our worries, since the real problems are so much larger, as I outlined. Debt, crony capitalism, and World War Three that has been ticking over in the Middle East since late 2001.

Where did all money go?

The last 30 years in the United States have been better for the rich than any other time or place in human history. High-end incomes are up spectacularly. Tax rates are down. Welfare reform has been the law of the land for 15 years. Private sector unions are all but extinct. The wages that business owners pay to their employees have been virtually flat for more than a decade. For the rich, it's been a golden age. And yet, America's wealthy class nonetheless seems to be in an absolute fury. The looters want their money, the government is embracing socialism, the president who rescued the banking industry hates them, and their tax dollars are all going to support a bunch of freeloaders and shirkers.

"The wages that business owners pay to their employees have been virtually flat for more than a decade." Wrong, we just increased the minimum wage. Remember, the Dems wanted to do that so people could pay for healthcare back in '07.

So, if the 1% are just taking advantage of everyone else then that means is going to make the minimum in order to maximize profit, which is all they care about. So in that respect then all wages SHOULD have gone up by law.

I also find it interesting the top 20-5% didn't go up as well. This represents the entrepreneurship part of the population who creates small businesses. And after all this administrations policies have been SSSSSSOOOOOOOO favorable to small businesses (snicker).

Oh yeah, that same group, also represents the largest portion of tax paying Americans in the country in numbers of people.


Adjust minimum wage for inflation and see what flat means.

As for top 5% not gaining...the richest 1% have sucked just about everything they can from lower and middle class. The next target will be the 2-9% group.

Not that there done with the lower and middle class mind you. Romney's $5 trillion tax cut plan pretty much relies on raising taxes on the middle class and cutting Medicaid payments for the elderly in nursing homes.

I'm all about tying the minimum wage to a yearly adjustment for inflation. Do that and business owners can plan for it and maybe... just maybe... we can buck the trend of minimum wage increases = unemployment increases. Do it either quarterly based upon the previous quarters inflation and it is spread loaded even more. However, if inflation doesn't increase and actually decrease you must then be willing to at least freeze but most likely decrease minimum wage for that quarter.


Sensor, the federal government now borrows 40% of each dollar it spends. Taxes must go up regardless of who's President. Each year the Congress and President collaborate on this borrowing spree, the average taxpaying American is hooked for at least $10000 more debt. He has to pay that back, you know. Since this insanity has gone on for all of Obama's tenure, that means about $40K the average taxpayer must pay. That's like having a big student loan burden on every average taxpayer, in addition to everything else they have to pay for, including their current tax and debt loads.

RMoney's plan makes no sense. It doesn't balance. Fuck, call it what it really is: A LIE. But that doesn't mean it's exclusive. Obama's 'plan' of borrowing 40% of the federal budget in perpetuity, is also a lie. It lies to the American people about the sustainability of the federal government.

In other words, America is bankrupt. Our credit rating should be JUNK.

Uh, Sensor, that's the War Against the Middle Class. The rich declared it in the 60s and 1970s, and by the 1990s, they totally won the war. We lost. As the losers, we're a subject people, and must accept what our conquerers give us.

Of course that's not precise. We have a LOT of collaborators. Every American that has a stock market portfolio, is part of the suppression of the middle class.

And as a part of the collaboration with our conquerors, we dipped deep into the naughtiness of debt. We have a debt-based money system. A lot of money was puffed into existence by a lot of middle class taking on huge debts. Unpayable debts. So in the last 5 years or so, a lot of money was destroyed in the process of liquidating bad debt. Every foreclosure made money go poof.

So there's your answer where the money went:

1. We lost the WATMC.
2. Money is being destroyed from pervasive bad debts.

You can't do anything about #1 (there's too much collaboration), and you can't stop #2 either (since it's fixing the problem, said problem being too much borrowing).

is saying that the 47% are right in-line with Obama's redistribution of wealth transfered into government resources and then passed on to those 47% . When you give those who depend on free hand-outs and except only that, you also have there vote. Its all a power play. But the shit is about to hit the fan, ARE YOU READY???????????

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

More of the 47% vote Republican than they do Democrat.

We should dismantle all of congress's entitlement programs first.

The Congress no longer works for you.

I can't wait until tax receipts dwindle from our economic collapse so much, that the Congress will start to borrow 50% of its yearly budget. Then 60%.

From my understanding Mitt is likely one of those who doesn't pay any federal income taxes. I know last year, I paid a much higher rate than he did.

So who are all these moochers? Most of them are retired seniors and the working poor. If you make $30k and are a family of 4 you pay no federal income tax. Add on to it that men and women serving in combat zones pay no taxes. It would make sense that Romney wouldn’t have mentioned them (the troops) in his RNC speech since he doesn’t care about the moochers.

Want the poor families to pay more taxes? Simply get rid of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, problem solved.

Where do the moochers live? Mostly in conservative southern states.
Romney’s likely to get 95 electoral votes from the top “moocher” states. Obama can only count on 5. Even Utah has a higher percent of moochers than CA or NY.

How do they vote?
“Mitt Romney asserted that the 47 percent of Americans who had no federal income tax liability would ‘vote for the president no matter what.’ Actually, a lot them don’t vote, and of those who do, many vote Republican….In 2008, when voter turnout rates were at or around record highs, fewer than half (44.9 percent) of adults in households making less than $30,000 per year voted, according to Census Bureau data. And of those who did vote, a substantial chunk voted for John McCain, the Republican candidate: 25 percent of those making under $15,000, and 37 percent of those making $15,000 to $30,000…Older Americans vote in very high numbers. In 2008, 70.2 percent of people over age 65 voted, according to the Census Bureau. And in that election, older voters supported John McCain over President Obama by an eight-percentage-point margin, with 53 percent voting for Mr. McCain. The latest New York Times/CBS News poll, conducted last week, showed likely voters in the same age group supporting Mr. Romney by a 15-point margin.” Catherine Rampell in The New York Times.

Great Depression years of 1929-35 !

Median income now is around $50,250 .
During the Great Dim Created Depression 1929-35, and adjusted for inflation, the median income then was $52,500 ?!

Some recovery by one lying ,America hating, economic net worth killing imbecile !

Bloody sad that citizens who are not mooches actually believe that this zero is doing a great job ?!

Gas is at what price ?
Food inflation skyrocketing ?

"the private sector is doing fine " ....

How many bailed-out bankers do you think might have been in that crowd Romney was talking to?

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