Black ministers are telling church members to stay home on election day

Black clergy from churches across the country are telling their church members to stay home on election day. They believe that neither presidential candidate is worthy of their vote because Romney is a Mormon and Obama supports gay marriage.

This could be much more harmful to Obama because he has to rely on a large turnout of black voters in order to win.

In 2008, California had Proposition 8 on the ballot, which made gay marriage unconstitutional. It passed in large part due to the high black voter turnout because of the presidential election. Blacks have historically been anti-gay marriage.

Obama's flip flop on supporting gay marriage was to satisfy his leftwing base--totally disregarding the black vote (assuming he had it anyway).

This effort by black ministers should concern Obama. Along with the faithful who look up to the guidance of their clergy, you have people who are just looking for a way to rationalize staying home on election day,

Here is a link to an article about this:

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Hi Galt. Don't worry. When November comes around the people who want that "Obama money" will not be so upset over his gay marriage support!

Hey Willard! Remember 2008? You couldn't drive more than a block in Toledo without passing a car with an Obama sticker or a yard with an Obama/Biden sign. A pretty stark contrast this election.

Also, he didn't pull through with any Obama money--so they'll be mad at him this time.

You're right, Galt---the stickers, packed stadiums, etc., all completely gone.

Ya'll betta git bak on da gubbermint Plantation, so dat Obammy, can hep yu wit yur THINKING !!!!

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