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using embezzled tax dollars from real Americans,to socialize the U.S. auto industry.
G.M. stock per share is around $21 now ?!
G.M. stock needs to get to $53 , to break even with the $49.5 BILLION bailout !

Certainly, an impossibility in my life time !

Do you suppose that the Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Delphi ,employees: and ,their dealership owners ,employees , and suppliers can find work in Chungking ?

REMEMBER: Vote Obammy, you simply cannot fathom the violent inculcation & baleful madness that will absolutely occur !

Fred, can't watch those video's on my laptop. Missing a codec. BTW, while I have you here;
1) Have you actually ever met Mr. Magoo in person?
2) Do you do your show from your basement like Mr. Magoo does his show from his basement.?
3) When Bain dumps clear channel and your without a job, will you go back to your first job you had before you started with wspd, picking tomatoes in Fremont?
4) Are you lurking in Toledo Talk hoping to hook up with one of the granny's there?

1- If you are referring to Mr. Magoo the cartoon character, no.
2- I do my show from the WSPD studios on the fourth floor of Ft. Industry Square
3- I don't know that I'll be out of a job when/if Bain dumps Clear Channel. My first job was working in the grocery stores in the Detroit area where I'm from
4- I wasn't aware of granny's in Toledo Talk. I only see screen names so it's difficult to tell the sex or age of the people posting there. I do miss the commentary from a former poster though who shall remain nameless, and clueless.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Sorry Fred, I must have mistaken you for someone else.

Were you invited to the basement when you had to publicly apologize to his wife?


Mike, speaking of basements, go down your basement and get your wife's babushka off the line and give it to her. Time for weekly grocery shopping!

They don't have basements in California. Apparently them and earthquakes don't go well together.


Imagine using taxpayer money to buy a defunct car company, sort of like GM, then using $1.1 BILLION of that taxpayer money to BUILD A GM PLANT IN CHINA.

"GM Receives Regulatory Approval for 300,000-Unit Plant in China's Hubei Province"
Published: 2/13/2012
"GM's passenger vehicle production joint venture in China has won approval for a new 300,000-unit, USD1.1-billion plant in Central China."
"Earlier this year, GM's CEO Dan Akerson was quoted as saying that the automaker was looking to expand production in China by 760,000 units (see China: 17 January 2012: GM Plans More Plants in China). This is understood to refer to SGM, which currently has four plants in China, of which two are undergoing significant expansion projects."

THAT is how you do "outsourcing" libs. Using YOUR money to pay foreign construction workers to build a foreign manufacturing plant in a foreign country that pays foreign taxes to a foreign government that will employ foreign workers who will also pay taxes to that foreign country, ALL USING YOUR MONEY.

Considering the average yearly income in China is around 8075 yuans which is just about $4397.00 U.S. dollars, do you Libs REALLY think that these cars are being sold to the Chinese market?

Lap up the Obama Lies you gullible useful Idiots and vote for the empty suit Golfer-In-Chief so he can use YOUR money to send YOUR JOB to China.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Hey Blowjob, What did Obama do, go to the safe behind the picture of George Washington thats in the oval office, take a billion dollars out, stuff it in duffel bags and sneek it to the Chinese? No one else had anything to do with this? The only gullible useful Idiots are turds such as yourself who think romney is going to save the country. What willard would of save if elected was million of dollars for his rich viagra taking friends. As far as turds like you, he might let you clean the dog shit off his shoe if you axed him nice. Peace out!

I hope you keep wetting the bed out of anger.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

would attempt a rebuttal.

I know a debate prof., who would grade you highly and, offer you a Scholarship.

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