GOP Mayor threatens to take down Teacher's Union

The GOP Mayor of Chicago has taken the ultra-radical uber-extreme position of preventing the teachers of Chicago from getting their RIGHTFULLY DESERVED pay raise. LOL

The teachers did what Democrats do best, walk out without doing a job. Just like the Dems in the Washington State Legislature, just like the US Senate Budget Committee and US Senate.

Through all this we do know one important thing. Regardless of what you think of Charter schools, by 4pm Central they will officially be smarter than their public school counterparts by two days.

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has its "teachers", turn down a 16% PAY RAISE ?!
At an average wage of $76,000/ per year, before benefits ?!

Avarice by unionists is genetic in that they covet their pathetic selves , more than any God, they pretend to worship.

Being a unionized indoctrinator of pure nothingness, anywhere in this godforsaken Dim destroyed Country, surely beats working for a living !

Ask Obozo....

There is a huge line of fully certified teachers waiting to work. I say fire all the strikers and replace them with people from this line, under a new pay scale and without a union this time.

A strike in this day and age of huge unemployment? Totally insane. Of course they're only doing it because they know Democrat leaders will do anything to keep the lid on before the election. That means the strikers are using blackmail to obtain their impossible union demands for compensation.

I heard today that one of the things the teachers are opposing is being evaluated.

I agree--fire them all. Let's face it, the Chicago public school students probably could have the best teachers in the world and they still won't be able to read. Might as well bring in some replacement teachers.

I've gone further than that, before. Here and on TT. I've said that if people truly believe that the students are unteachable, then much cheaper babysitters should be provided instead of expensive teachers. That's what we taxpayers (the real employers) deserve.

It's terrifying to see that unionized teachers today expect to be paid for not performing. They deflect that question (or they think they do) by claiming it's not their fault. The same result occurs: Paid for failure.

Hahahahahaha GOP mayor, Hahahhahahahahha

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Graduation rate at around 50%, average pay, around $75k (for 9 months work) city hopelessly in the red and they want 16% raises over 4 years.

Does that about cover it?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

No, JM. By rejection and then striking, they claimed that a 16% raise over 4 years isn't enough.

That makes the sting a big more poignant, doesn't it? LOL!

I think the most appalling thing about all of this is yes the 79K salary yet they are holding up signs wanting a "fair" wage.

The average student in the district qualifies for relief on lunch room rates. From what I've ready that means their total family income is below 27k.

And yes Galt, they dont want evaluations. The funniest thing about teachers is the two things they REALLY don't want is 1) evaluations 2) standardization.

Now every other industry fights tooth and nail for standardization. That is because through standardization you can eliminate variables for a better product. Other countries school systems do this and do it well. So one must ask "Why are they the ONLY industry that fights standardization?" Once you have the answer to that their motives become clear.

This is not about improving the lives of the children. This is about protecting jobs and holding the taxpayer hostage.


'Fair' implies a comparison. Who are they comparing themselves to?

If teachers are comparing themselves to doctors or lawyers, then they need to explain why that, unlike with doctors and lawyers, their own work product isn't subject to merit.

We need to destroy these public unions ASAP. Government employees already enjoyed every reasonable protection outside of being unionized, and then they enjoyed the natural benefit of government service, that being career employment. The unionization that took place was only enacted to drain the government further of funds.

Rahm Emmanuel, formerly the White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Hussain Obama is now a Republican?
Did he decide to quit as Obimbo's chief of staff and hated the empty suit Golfer-In-Chief so much that he also gave up being a Democrat?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Only Republicans attempt to destroy unions by refusing pay increases.

So... Rahm must now be a Republican.


Didn't the Chicago school administrators knuckle under and give the teachers a 15% pay increase?
These union teachers are striking because they don't want people to find out if they are doing their job.
No more playing online Euchre while the students screw around.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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