Voter Fraud does not exist!!!! But wait.....

There is no such thing as Voter Fraud. It doesn't happen. It's a figment of your Republican imagination. Voter ID laws are only to prevent minorities from voting.

No one told Wendy Rosen that when she decided to run for MD-01. She's been voting in both Maryland and Florida in the same elections since 2006. But... according to many on this site... that doesn't happen. Oh and Florida attempting to purge it's rolls of voters is just a veiled attempt to bring back Jim Crow laws... it COULDN'T be to help prevent things like this. LOL

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It doesn't matter how much vote fraud occurs, just like it doesn't matter how much ATM hacking occurs. You secure both sorts of things since it's necessary to secure votes and money. This establishes a general trust in the system. That's why we certify things.

Democrats and Liberals are literally too stupid to understand that. Or they have an ulterior motive, to let Democrats and Liberals vote more than once, and to have illegal aliens vote, to control the political process. Either possibility is likely.

In person voter fraud. ID laws wouldn't have stopped it and the purging of he rolls would have stopped either. You're a party of old white men yelling at chairs. Election manipulation is all you left as demographic shifts change the voting electotorate.

But this doesn't happen. It doesn't matter if Voter ID would stop it or not. Your argument is it doesn't happen, right?

That's our point. Voter ID is the minimum.

On behalf of the GOP I'd like to thank you for one less Congressional race to spend money on. All because something the Dems say doesn't happen was being done by one of their policians for over 6 years.

Oh BTW. The State of Ohio did a hate crime on me yesterday. I requested my absentee ballot from the LC BOE and they had the nerve to require me to prove my identity! Just like I've had to do every time I've had to vote via absentee for the last 10 years.


No, I argue that in person voter fraud is rarer than people getting hit by lightning. As for ID, it's not just having to show an ID, the address on the ID has to match the address on the voter registration.

Poor people and college students move around lot and their ID might not always reflect their current residency. You used to be able to bring in a utility bill to prove your identification and current address, but somehow that’s not good enough in the state of Ohio.

Just like the Republicans doing everything they can to limit early voting. Republicans complain about government not working and here you have something that 47% of Ohioans used in 2008 and the Republicans want to destroy it. Again, you’re a party of old white men yelling at chairs, your days are numbered without electoral manipulation.

My prediction for next election will be Republicans trying to break up the winner take all electoral votes of Northern Blue states like Pennsylvanian, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan in an ever more desperate attempt to stay in power. They pull that off (and they will try) it’s a complete coup on our Republic.

"Poor people and college students move around lot and their ID might not always reflect their current residency."

That's OK, you can always affidavit vote in Ohio. As long as you prove what you claim.

Prove. Note the key word there.

Sensor, you need to realize that in order to certify an election, that certain things have to be checked or affirmed. The uniqueness of each vote. The chain of custody of vote equipment. The integrity and security of vote equipment.

Maybe this entire election thing is a bit beyond your understanding. There's no shame in your admitting that, but it's a shame instead that you keep defending your ignorance or incapacity.


from the link:

Ohio has an ID requirement for all voters.[20] When you come to vote at the polls, you must show one piece of identification stating your name and address; acceptable ID includes: a current and valid photo ID issued by the state of Ohio or the U.S. government, a military identification; a US passport; a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document (which cannot include your notice of voter registration form).[21] If you cannot show ID, you can vote by provisional ballot,[22] as long as you sign a written affirmation that you are a registered voter in the jurisdiction and are eligible to vote in that election. Your vote will be counted if the local election official determines that you are eligible to vote.[23]

So not only CAN you still vote with a utility bill BUT you also can still vote even without all of those as long as you sign a written affirmation.

AND Republicans have not limited early voting. You can still vote early. They limited the days it's available in an effort to save money. So you are STILL offered the opportunity to vote early and in person, or via absentee. Doesn't seem like it's destroyed at all.

Now the last is a discussion you bring up about the Electoral College system, something you libs have complained about since 2000. Well if the EC votes are distributed by Congressional District with the remainder going to the winner of the statewide popular vote you'd have a system that more closely aligns with the national popular vote without the long process of amending the Constitution.

Thanks for playing but your spin tactics have failed here against someone who was more informed and willing to cite facts.


"Voter ID is the minimum."

Exactly. The left wing is terrified that their easy-fraud system of promoting left wing votes will be cut off at the knees by this requirement. That's the sum and substance of their complaint.

WITHDRAWS from the 2012 race ?!

Why, one may ask.
Because: she has voted in two States ( Maryland & Florida) and has for years !!!!!

So, if a "knowing citizen", running for a Dim Congressional seat can so easily commit voter fraud.
What chances are there that voter fraud occurs systematically in the Districts across America, controlled 100% by the Dims?!
Say like the 100% Dim ruined & ruled bergs of Detroit & Toledo !

It is as common as cooties in kindergarten to be sure !

Nah, there's no voter fraud.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

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