Mitt Romney's Shoes

"Morning, Mister Romney. Can you spare some change?"

"You're not Mitt Romney? Well, of course you are, anyone could easily spot you. That demure smile, your peculiar walk with those awkward small steps, as if your shoes are too big for you--like a little boy trying to wear his father's shoes. And, then, that posture, like you're carrying heavy baggage."

"Ah, you say you 'might be, Mitt Romney.' So, now that you have almost confirmed what I suspected, could you spare some change?"

"You don't have any change! 'Just large bills,' you say. Well, how large?"

"Just hundreds? Umm. Tell you what, give me just one hundred and I'll share it with my friends. That would be a lot of change."

"No deal? 'You're selling change, and it's not free,' you say. Well, you've confused me, sir."

"'Everything is complicated,' you say. Well, then, let's simplify it. Just give me your shoes and I'll give you my flip-flops. That's the least any charitable man like you could do when he has only large bills--after all, isn't that what Jesus would do?"

"Wow! Thank you, Mister Romney, and have a wonderful day."

Mister Romney sure changed his mind real quick! Now, that I have shoes, should I wear them? No telling where Romney's shoes have been, they might be carrying something infectious. I bet I can barter with them, if I don't tell anyone where I got them.

"You're back--so soon. 'The strap on one flip-flop broke and you want your shoes back.' No can do, I made an offer, and you accepted--you're stuck with those flip-flops. And, besides, a man wearing shoes too big for himself is dangerous. If he's not careful, he'll eventually stumble, might even take a serious fall."

"Say what? Hell, Mitt, you can't even do that to yourself." Ha, that man made my day.

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Obammy, so loved the starving , he created MILLIONS more Food Stamp recipients.
Obummer, so loved the unproductive, he created MILLIONS more.
Obumbler, so loved China, he created 5 MILLION More jobs for them.
Oabmmy, so loved the World, he created 5 more economically competitive countries than we used to be ?!
Obama, so loved the Military, he has had more deaths in Afghanistan, in 3.5 years than GW, had in 6 full years !

Yes indeed, Vote Obammy, everything will get so much more horrible, you will lose that nasty weight you've put on since High School.

And, will end up looking more like a bloated bellied , sunken faced , flies around the eyes, Ethiopian, more than an American !

Starring Ann and Mitt Romney

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

While, he has spent 600 hours golfing ?!
"I'm laser like focused on jobs "- Obumbler.

And, complete and total rectal orifices actually like his work ethic ?!
Not to mention his horrific outcomes ?!

Now, exactly, how vapid is that ?!

9.1 MILLION home foreclosures and COUNTING , in 3.5 short years of Fascism !

VOTE : Obammy: home foreclosures will continue to SKYROCKET !

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