I didn't see Michelle last night--I always fold towels on Tuesdays.

Anyway, did Michelle happen to talk about...

1) The unemployment rate for African Americans is 14.1%

2) The unemployment rate for Women 20 years and over is 11.5%

3) The unemployment rate for Men 20 years and over is 14.8%

4) The unemployment rate for Men and Women ages 16-19 is 36.6%

She didn't? That's odd because she could easily find that information on the Bureau of Labor Statistics site.

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Like her job killing husband, she said the pronouns I or me, like 83 times ?!

Narcissistic Chicago net worth killers are a self centered lot caring only about their own miserable selves more than anyone they cared for in their entire disgusting lives !

I watched her. She said her and the President do what they can to ensure their girls are set up for success.

I totally believe that.

They did after all decide to send them to private school.


I watched maybe 7 minutes of it. Spent about the same amount of time listening to the Hispanic twin guy - who the Dems think is their Marco Rubio (not). Nice guy, boring, kind of fakey speech. The interesting thing to me was that Michelle's speech, which I doubt she wrote herself, was carefully designed to re-cast BO as an all American "po boy". Raised just like most working class or poor middle Americans. According to Michelle's speech, he was raised similar to her (she said), but way across the country from where she grew up.

I don't think childhood years spent in Indonesia qualifies as "way across the country", and I don't think Michelle's grandfather handed her over to any communists like Frank Marshall Davis to be mentored during her formative years. She said some nice things about her own father - which could be said about hard hundreds of thousands of hard-working American parents -- who are now under financial oppression due to her husband's policies, namely Obamacare. She's a better speaker than Ann Romney, but there was too much sugar coating and flat out untruth in the speech. Surprise surprise.

It's interesting that Team Obama appears to be trying to counter the truth of his upbringing with carefully contrived fairy stories, now that the truth is coming out.

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