Democrats Boo God and Israel

The democrat party had made a conscience decision the other day to remove any reference to God or Isreal in their platform for their national convention. At the last moment...under much criticism...Barak Obama intervened and decided to add references to God and the Bible back into the speeches. The restoration of God and Israel was met with boos from the crowd of democrats. Democrats want nothing to do with God...the government is their god. I would hope this would prove to anyone in the babyboomer generation how liberal and dispicable the democrat party has become. It is no longer a party working for the "working man" as it once may have been. Its a party hell bent on erasing the christian-judeao foundations of this country and destroying us by making us wicked secular nation.

"Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed," Genesis 12:1-3

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Your god? Mine? One who tells you that underwear will save you from evil and sharp knives? Old testament god who says its okay to sell your daughter and to own slaves? Or new testament god who commands us to care for the poor?
Its shameless pandering to those who hold fast to archaic belief systems. I'm disappointed in my party on this one.

Just like a liberal to complicate something as fundamental as God. Too bad they aren't as inquisitive about the failure that is Obama.

And its not me complicated matters. Its pot luck christians who want to quote chapter and verse when it comes to abortion, but conveniently forget about killing in any other way. You want complicated? Ask a US Marine who claims to be christian to sort out that 5th commandment for you - should be an interesting chat.

Why would one want theological advice from a Marine?

Seems to me if you want spiritual counseling you should talk to a theologian.

I have not found religion to be as complicated as you make it sound. If you really want a Marines take I will give it: killing is wrong and you shouldn't do it. Hope that straightens it out for you Progress. What do you want next stock tips? OIL! BIG OIL! I have made TONS of money in BP stock since 2010. You don't find bargains like that often!


All this does is show how fragmented the Democratic party is.

After 2010 a lot of the moderate Dems found themselves on the outside of the party looking in. These are a large part those from the party who still hold traditional values as important. Ironic that the Dems call the GOP a party hijacked by "extremism" but at the GOP convention you saw a convention of solidarity and enthusiasm. This instance showed the Dems as a party deeply divided with portions apathetic on it's future.



The inability of Democrats to connect the dots is laughable. I work with someone who has a "Life begins at conception" AND an Obama/Biden bumper sticker. The cluelessness knows no boundaries.

Do you think Clinton got Sandra Flukes number? The GOP is waging a war on women and he will need several private meetings with her to share a cigar and develop a gameplan.


Alter of BIG GOVERNMENT TOTALITARIANISM, ABORTION-all the time, any time, any where and paid for FREE by others, and HOMOSEXUALITY ,all the time, any time, any where and taught in public schools by unionized indoctrinators or convicted pedophiles.

Basic tenants of the Dim Criminal Party of AmeriKa.

the Democrats national convention the restoration of god and Jerusalem was voted on kind of like the health care bill we don't care what you want. the crowd was talking to an empty chair


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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