A lawsuit was filed on August 30 by True the Vote and Judicial Watch alleging that Ohio election officials have failed to take reasonable steps to maintain clean voter registration lists.

Although Secretary of State Jon Husted was named in the suit, Husted indicates that Ohio's efforts to maintain accurate voter rolls have been hampered by the restrictions of federal laws. Six months ago, Husted sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder explaining his concerns, but never received a response.

True the Vote discovered that in three counties in Ohio, the number of people listed on voter registration rolls EXCEEDED 100% of the total voting age population.

There is more information that should concern every Ohioan.

True the Vote found that in Hamilton County there were 51,000 voter registrations that the existence and/or address of the individuals could not be found. It is believed that the ACORN voter registration efforts in 2008 are the cause of these questionable registrations. ACORN paid people per registration they secured, and it is believed that workers submitted fictitious applications to enhance their pay.

Cuyahoga County had 44,000 questionable registrations.

This could be one of the biggest stories of this election. When one considers this information, as well as the disastrous Lucas County Board of Elections, you have to question the validity of our election system. What do we have left if we can't hold veriable elections?

Here is a link to the True the Vote press release:


Here is a link to view the actual lawsuit:


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Isn't the reason the Dems don't want a photo i.d. requirement at the polls, for example,... that they WANT illegals to vote?

Not really surprising. Democrats and their union backers are accomplished in vote fraud.

It's also not surprising to get silence on this from our fraudulent Atty Gen, Holder. Holder's too busy chasing officials who defend the Constitution (AZ) and people who defend themselves (Zimmerman).

Strickland-D !

Airing out Ohio, will take 4 years easy....

Unless, Ohio goes Obammy !
Then, we're all as dead as road kill !

Food lines, race riots, assassinations,... Yes indeed, BRING BACK THE 60's !!!!

You say you want a revolution....

Again, registration and voting are two different things. Have more than 100% ever voted?

To answer your question no.

Now a question for you. Are you against the government having accurate records?

These two groups have actually done this in other states and the states have shown their records to be correct in some cases and in others corrected them. I'm glad there's watchdog groups out there doing this. They're doing our government a great service by helping to highlight administrative and accounting problems.


in Toledo earlier this year that had to be done over because there were more votes cast than membership? Talk about voter fraud! This must have been a practice run in cheating for the unions and their Democrat friends for the November election.


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