Want to talk about the issues?

Want to talk about the issues? Apparently the Romney campaign chief adviser doesn't. Watch him squirm in this video.

Wallace does a good job bringing him back several times.

This is an important election. Please educate yourselves.

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Obammy, takes $716 BILLION from Medicare, all to support a one size fits all Fascist Healthscare Nightmare , of 2,700 pages , that no one read !?

Yeah, lets talk about ISSUES !!!

$21 TRILLION of real Americans NET WORTH GONE, in 3.5 short and torturous years of Obozo-ism !?
88 MILLION real Americans, looking for work, are under employed, or have given up altogether looking !?
Gas above $3.55 for 3.5 years of Fascism.
U.S. Bonds-DOWNGRADED for the first time in all of American History !

And, on and on with horrible economic news still coming in !

And MORONS, want to talk ISSUES ?!

God, you jackass voters are thoroughly stupid !

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