This Is How You Respond To Ignorance, Young Girl Writes A Powerful Poem About Gabby Douglas Ponytail

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Only in wrestling , are you as all alone as when you are a gymnast during competition.
Criticizing singular athletes like the New York Times twerp did with Lolo Jones or others did with Gabby, indicates that this fellow is one candy assed sissy Liberal.

Not unlike virtually ALL Liberal men.
This site and TT, are replete with these pansies !

If liberals didn't have something to whine and moan about, they'd moan and groan about THAT !

This is one of the most truer comments I have ever read on here!

100% of it went to charities !

$3.75 MILLION , in his hand one day, given away the next !

Mitt, started with NOTHING !!!!!!!

Read something other than the lying ,liberal Yellow Blade, for your edification regarding facts !
You may learn something new & true !

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