Here's one for all the Ryan Rand fans.

Sounds like Ryan just threw his girl under the bus.
Hey, where is John Galt anyway?

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Lawrence looks like he's ready to wet himself with glee. I'm looking for the clip of him talking about Obama and Jeremiah Wright. It's got to be around somewhere on the internet right? I'm sure he must have pointed out the years of church going and then the rejection of Obama's "realtionship with a man who isn't his wife". Haahahahahah

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

It's more like he's trying not to wet himself from laughing so hard. Think about it- the clip he played was from the most recent Paul Ryan interview, the one where Ryan tells Brit Hume " I don't want to get all wonky on you". That would have still been on his mind.

I'll give Ryan credit, though. He's obviously a slick one, never actually answered a question during the whole interview, just kept repeating his talking point.

financial aid due to medical bills of $1,000 ?!
That's one thousand dollars to the vapid Liberals.

President Obammy, a multimillionaire who has penned two ( 2 ? ) autobiographies cannot even send his blood kin ONE PENNY ?!

So, what do you liberal weenies actually think about how much he cares for YOU ?!
Or, America ?

Dissolute idiots buy anything from the most immoral , criminal ,dope smoking, dog eating, fat girl bullying, fatherless heathen , America , has ever seen in a political being !

And, they'll vote again for this reprobate ?!
As they all did for Carty !!!!

Dope eyes Ryan like most right wing closet queers is a fraud. He fits in good with the rights
ticket. Vote for President the guy who tied his dog to the roof of his car. LOL

faster into a Third World Toilet !
5+ MILLION foreclosures during Obozo's tenure-'the private sector is doing fine" ?!
8+% unemployment for 3.5 years straight-"the private sector is doing fine" ?!
Gas above $3.55 for 3.5 years straight -"the private sector is doing fine "?!
$21 TRILLION of real Americans net worth GONE in 3.5 short and torturous Fascist years -"the private sector is doing fine" ?!
$6 TRILLION wasted on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, European banks invested in them , unions, States of Dim destruction,etc.-"the private sector is doing fine " ?!

Yes indeed, you too can be as stupid as the above poster, all Dims voting for Obammy, and the rest of the job killing, net worth killing, HOAX and CHAINS idiots who bought this fatherless Fascist's lies hook, line, sinker, and the whole POLE !!!

Hey, does anyone know what entrees are served best with cooked, fried, bar-b-q'd, or fricasseed , DOG ?!

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