Scamming starts young

Two little punks came to the door today asking "do you want to donate to my basketball team"? No team name, no reason for the donation, just that phrase. I told him no. He was wearing a jersery from the Anthony Wayne Storm so I found their website called the coach and he informed me that he had NO kids out collecting funds in my South Toledo neighborhood or anywhere else. Called the cops who of course didn't show up, it isn't a major crime. I did however take a walk and confronted the little punks who then ran to their car and drove off. So word of warning and please pass around - two white teens, one in an Anthony Wayne Storm jersey carrying a big glass jar asking for money - kick 'em in the ass once or twice.

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Must of been young Democrats. What do you think? Did you inform Stuttering Wilson about this latest Obama conspiracy?

At this juncture I'd be a little concerned about physical security at your home for the next week or so. Just sayin'.

I'd agree with GZ. Sometimes groups like that are just casing houses.


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