The University of Toledo has announced that Scott Scarborough will become the new provost. As taxpayers whose money is used to support UT, you might be interested in knowing that in 2007, Scarborough was suspended from his position as executive vice president of DePaul University in Chicago, for reasons that were never made public by the private institution. A DePaul spokesman stated that Scarborough's suspension was "something we investigated thoroughly." Scarborough subsequently resigned from DePaul. The cause of the suspension must have been serious because he was not given any severance pay (which typically would have been given to a high-ranking university official).

Apparently, UT's President Lloyd Jacobs believes that another university's suspended employee is good enough to hold the highest academic position at his institution. With decision-making prowess like this, is it any wonder that UT is projected to have a significant decrease in enrollment this fall (rumored to be between 4-8 percent).

Here's a hint that Jacobs might want to follow in the future when hiring a provost--do a simple search at to see if the candidate has a successful teaching record (afterall, he will be making tenure and promotion recommendations for faculty). Scarborough's student evaluations are atrocious with comments like "This professor was awful," "The worst professor and class I have encountered," and "The professor is drop dead lazy." Not the ideal person to oversee the academic activities of a university.

Here's a link to a Chicago Tribune article about Scarborough's suspension.

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