Obama's pants are on fire


And now some facts-
He says she became ill "a short time" after he lost his job and his health care. But the timeline being presented in this ad is extremely misleading. According to a notice in the Kansas City Star uncovered by Politico, Soptic's wife died in June 2006. That's five years after the GST Steel plant was closed in 2001 and more than seven years after Romney left management of Bain to work on the 2002 Olympics in February 1999.

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What a piece of shit. His wife is probably embarrassed by his bullshit. She died YEARS after Romney left Bain. Hell, Bain likely gave this steel company years that they wouldn't have had.
Under 0bamacare, this guy would be fined/taxed for not having health insurance.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

. . . and she would have had healthcare. That's kind of the point.

Sorry there, Progress. The Roberts Decision established it as a "tax". That's the Orwellian two-step that Roberts and the others had to do to justify this unconstitutional piece of shit.

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These are definitely folks NOT to hire for any businesses out there !

These mooch leeches are bought and paid for by unions who have killed over 67,000 great paying jobs around here since 1983 !

Jon Lavine-Dim, was the C.E.O., when GST Steal, died.
Lavine, is also the BIGGEST money bundler at Bain, for Obammy !
A GIGANTIC Fact: liars do not want you to know.

Aren't all lies derived initially from the Devil ?

Oh yes, they all are.

Does that bother heathens ?
No, not at all....

Mrs. Soptic's primary insurance was through her employer, not GST Steel. Insurance she retained after Mr. Soptic's 2001 layoff. It wasn't until 2002/2003 when Mrs. Soptic injured her rotator cuff, that she left her job and lost her insurance.

And conservatives are trying to correct the lie.

But the part that jumps out at me, for one, is that part (noted above) about this man and his wife - UNDER BO-CARE - would have been REQUIRED to buy a several thousand dollar a year insurance policy as soon as they lost their company-paid insurance. Therefore - UNDER BO-CARE - they would have had forced insurance purchase - of policies that would have cost them at least $6,000 per year. No guarantees that any treatment would have worked - just forced insurance policy purchase that they, one understands, COULDN'T AFFORD. If she couldn't afford to see a doctor for even one doctor visit, she certainly couldn't afford a ruinously-priced insurance policy.

In other words, this couple, when they were without insurance, were among the "deadbeats" that Obama blames for going to ER's and costing everybody else money. That's the emotional blather, that the Dems are so good at - but they can't have it both ways.... either this couple were insurance policy deadbeats, or they were helpless victims of evil Republicans.... which is it?

I recall two women at Owens-Corning who HAD INSURANCE, of course, but died of fast moving cancers. I'm going to (sort of) name them, so there won't be any doubt they were real. One was Harry Kaminer's secretary from the 15th floor [he was Co. Treasurer at the time]. I think her name was Martha. We were all stunned because she died only weeks after her diagnosis. It had nothing to do with not having insurance. The other was Dotty, a secretary on the 27th (executive) floor. She attended church with my parents. Also a short time from diagnosis to passing. That's why this Dem ad disgusts me so much. Cancer striking and moving fast has nothing to do with having insurance or not having insurance. There was a widely held opinion amongst employees at the time that the OCF tower was a "sick building" with a disastrous ventilation system. There were more than one case of cancer on the 15th floor in a short time period. This was widely discussed at the company at the time. Insurance had nothing to do with anything - the victims all had insurance.

There is no other way to put this - the Dems as a group are just plain nuts.

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