Remember This: You shouldn't own guns, and you didn't build your business.

Written on July 31, 2012 at 7:57 am by FPP
Obama: ‘People shouldn’t be allowed to own guns’

If you got a business You Didn’t Build That Somebody Else Did, is a quote uttered by President Barack Obama during his campaign speech in Roanoke, Virginia on July 13th, 2012.

Just keep this in your mind...

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Absolutely frightening !!!

4 more years of this clown and America, is as dead as Teddy Kennedy !
I'd bet my life that his college GPA, is less than a 2.000 !

Intellectually lazy, an accomplished & thorough liar, and hates everything about America, without one exception that I can think of !!

I wonder if the members of Starship were surprised that we never Built this City on Rock n' Roll?


is that idiotic commercial BO has subsequently run. "What I said was..." WE ALL HEARD WHAT HE SAID. And it was said in that particularly snide way he has of attacking anyone who has accomplished anything. He accidentally said the truth out loud about what he really thinks of American enterprise. He doesn't understand American enterprise, because he wasn't raised in mainstream America.

His upbringing was horribly sad, and lacking in almost every way. And I am sad for him, personally. He doesn't GET how most American adult citizens (let's say from 40 and up) were raised. That is a huge amount of citizenry to not understand. He essentially does not understand what makes this country is about. The most shocking thing to me, besides certain pictures on the internet, is that he was allowed to teach constitutional law to begin with. He doesn't even understand the Constitution of this country. Which is apparently why he and Queen Athaliah are running around setting up Muslim Brotherhood governments all over the middle east.

Of COURSE he wants to pretend that nobody builds anything without government intrusion - because not having built a business - and not even having been one of the worker bees in an American business, he has to defend a career that has been solely at the public trough.

Meant to say two different things & got garbled. Beieng: He doesn't understand what makes this country run (and it's NOT the government, who work for us, it's we-the-people)...

AND he doesn't understand what this country is about. It is about, among other things, protecting our freedoms, not abrogating them. It's about securing our country's borders. it's about American tax dollars benefiting American taxpayers. [Otherwise, leave us alone and give us our money back.]

What he wants to do, judging by his actions, is destroy America, oppress American citizens, both financially and in matters of morality, and then OUTSOURCE AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS - to re-make the Muslim world. Because there - in Muslim countries around the world, is apparently where his heart lies.

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