Quinnipiac Polls - Ever wonder why their numbers don't add up?


I have been amazed at the constant quoting "Quinnipiac" polls on the so-called national news. While they completely ignore Rasmussen - one of the top pollsters for accuracy. I read Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking poll every day, and for the most part, especially recently, Romney tends to be always 2 to 4 points ahead of Obama. Diane, Brian and Scott NEVER quote Rasmussen. [Of course not, it's one of the most accurate readings to be had, and does not favor BO.]

But, oh joy, this week, out of blondie's mouth, as well as on CBS, if memory serves, comes the liberal "news" that Quinnipiac has the prez something like 10 points ahead. And then, of course, there are the reports that he is ahead in various segments of various demographic groups. Like, among Dems only, or among Hispanics who don't pick their noses, or among Chinese Americans who do. This is waaaay beyond slanting the news - this the the mainstream media blatantly campaigning for Obama's re-election. With dishonest poll numbers.

Here is a little info on how Quinnipiac manages to slant their so-called polls so shamelessly:


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p.s. even though I am posting this poll today, the link will change every day, meaning a lazy way to see the daily poll every day would be to just click back into this same link day to day.

Why don't you describe the methodology of both Rasmussen and Quinn in your own words?

(Begin sarcasm) I'd be very interested to hear your take. (End sarcasm)


was 25 points ahead of Ronald Reagan, at this time during their campaigns.

Would be nice if Gary Johnson were included in all the polls.

Why? So we can see what little impact he'd have outside of NM?


No, so we can see how many people are not so closed minded.



If she made the ballot in all 50 states

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