"Pathetic" Board of Elections

Here we are less than 100 days til the general election and Secretary of State John Husted calls the Board of Elections Pathetic in a letter dated July 25th. Did he really mean Prophetic?

Click on the link to read the full text of this one page letter.


He gives Director Meghan Gallagher and Deputy Director Daniel DeAngelis 15 days to come up with a plan to make things work or heads will roll.

Stay tuned to around August 8th or 9th to see if Husted has a pair.

We will see on election day how well this oiled machine really runs. Will they have a computer server confiscated by then? Or will they have something worse in store for the media to write about.

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I never want to miss an opportunity to encourage people to Google "Meghan Gallagher Toledo, Ohio" and take a look at the quality of person we have on the Lucas County BOE. Scary!

More proof to me that Lucas County needs to form a Conservative Party much like they did in New York when the RINOs took over the state GOP.

There Republicans not in the Stain faction can fundraise and campaign for party members who stand for the same things the GOP stands for. Plus Stain will not be able to keep power in the LCRP if he were to try to take over the LCCP because it will dilute his support.

Additionally two parties then can endorse the same candidates so voters are not confused as to which candidates are real Republicans and which ones are Stainbrook RINOs.


Sorry, Mikey. 95% of Conservative energies and investments have already been expended in moving away from the problem (said problem being the set of Democrats, Liberals and Unionists). They moved out of Toledo municipal limit into Lucas County, or into Wood County. It's not White Flight, it's Right Flight.

We remaining fiscally conservative people in Toledo are so horribly out-numbered that it would be an exercise of true futility to ever put up signs that oppose this well-cronied leftwing political machine. I saw what happened in the 2000 and 2004 elections to Nader supporters and signs. All the money spent on those signs may as well have been burned.

Maybe in Toledo, yes but not wholly Lucas County. Yet Stain is using the dunces of Toledo who are left to define themselves as Republicans, which they are not, and affect the politics of the whole county. Hence why I say a Conservative Party to either endorse candidates campaigning against Stain-approved or be co-endorsed by the LCRP.


Mikey, the problems of Liberalism are in Toledo. That's where Conservatism needs to establish a beachhead. But it can't, because it won't, since it simply moved away into Lucas County's other townships and municipalities, and into Wood County. Conservatism has already fixed the political situation for itself. Sadly, that leaves we fiscal conservatives to suffer here in Toledo under endless Liberal rule.

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