Just saw the political advertisement where Sherrod Brown extols the importance of the auto industry. As a life-long Toledoan, it has taken me awhile, but I now can see through the "we all need to buy UAW-made cars" malarkey. (Notice how I refuse to use the term "American-made"--that terminology went away with the advent of Ohio-made Hondas and Italian-owned Chrysler.)

Although I haven't purchased a UAW car in about 22 years, I used to feel a little guilty about it. You know the whole "support unions" mantra. Now that I'm aware of the politicalization of unions, I will NEVER buy a UAW auto.

Anyway, back to the Brown ad. According to, Brown's claim that the parts of the Chevy Cruze LTZ that he drives in the ad are all made in Ohio isn't altogether true (shocking!).

Politicians like Brown and Kaptur need to get a clue that just because they need to kiss-up to the UAW for campaign funding, the rest of us don't have to give UAW jobs the priority that they do.

Here's a link to the article:

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G.M.-Government Motors, sends $600 MILLION to upgrade their CHINESE factories ?!


I took the ad to be Brown saying that the Dems saved the auto industry - and look, folks, I'm a Dem. I don't think a close examination of the facts support the "Dems save auto industry" narrative. The problem is that the American public doesn't really understand exactly WHAT happened with GM - other than that thousands have now discovered that the "new" GM doesn't have to honor product liability claims (lawsuits pending I believe).

I know lots of auto industry blue collar workers who:

Can't sell their up north 2nd homes [How many poor and working class even HAVE up north homes?]

Aren't happy with various buyouts they were pressured to take.

Are finding out how the rest of us have lived when they were making big-time overtime bucks (prior to 2008).

The Brown ad works in Lucas County. Outstate - maybe, maybe not. He had to come up with something that looked sort of macho - his opponent has military service. And Brown was 18 in 1970, and COULD HAVE volunteered for Vietnam - but didn't.

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