Just Like Stalin, Just Like Communism


I mean seriously - what's the difference? I actually was acquainted with someone who was once in one of Stalin's gulags. Once they can shut us all up (meaning verbally) - it's all over There will be no freedom in this nation, in any; sense of the word.. Of course, this power grab won't fly, I don't think - not if any prez ever actually tried to implement it. But to think that an American president thinks the U.S. Constitution grants him this power. It's both mind blowing and sickening. It's what they now do in Communist China.


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Americans are too stupid/apathetic to know/care. Barry could abolish the 1st Amendment tonight, you go to the mall next week and ask people if they'd heard about it...and more than 5:10 couldn't tell you what the 1st Amendment is.

And so many things feed into this. The first and most powerful is network tv. If it's on network tv - if Diane Sawyer, or that idiot Barbara Walters, say something, people believe it. Not all people, but too many people. Even people who read and/or post on political junkie websites like this one. When I posted the Joseph Farah "confession of a former communist", I thought, this revelation is HUGE.

But even readers on this site don't tend to get it. If, for example, Farah was offered "full ride" scholarships and "community organizer" situations when he was a BO-type radical back in the day, that right there explains, to me at least, why Obama WILL NOT address how he could afford Harvard. In other words, who paid for it. He keeps his college records a deep dark secret. No president has been able to shroud his background and education in secrecy like that- until now, with the liberal media complicit in the coverups..

And you are also right - relatively few Americans have read the Constitution, including some Supreme Court Justices - and most certainly could not tell you what the 1st Amendment is.

Stalin murdered millions of people.

While this executive order reeks of the potential for misuse, and should concern civil libertarians everywhere...it's certainly not the same thing as murdering millions of people. If this is your attempt to use hyperbole to make a point, it's a poor attempt. I suggest you break the Prozac tablets in half.

Pink Slip

and Savage answers you much better than I could...


A book that is STILL a good guide to how communism works is "Witness" by Whitaker Chambers (who was an American Communist). I recommend it because I believe you might be a at least couple decades younger than I am. I don't recall at the moment who it was, but some communist leader said decades ago that they would take over the U.S. without firing a shot. And voila - in 2008 we get far-left radical Obama, who hides almost everything about his past.

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