Democratic Party and the Toledo Public School Board

The Democratic party in Toledo has pretty much sounded the death knell for Toledo Public Schools, along with the help of Republican party. For years the Democrats have run candidates for the school board that have no interest in making changes, improving academics, educating the populace or challenging the unions, especially the TFT. The Republicans have never run a credible candidate other than Chris Myers, when he ran with the "Three for Change." That was the closest Toledo came to actually saving TPS. The Republicans are just as guilty because they can't get themselves together long enough to do anything other than fight each other within the party.

Larry Sykes, Deborah Barnett, Steve Steele, Jack Ford, Lisa Sobecki, Brenda Hill, Bob Vasquez all destroyers of public education in Toledo, Ohio, all Democrats endorsed by the Democratic party. When you see an empty house or boarded up house, think of these people. When you hear of the rampant "gang" activity think of these people. They can have all of the "Transformational Plans" that they can make will take decades before TPS is a credible option for parents with an elected school board whose interest is the students, not the political culture of the power structure..

People are leaving here in droves and charter schools are opening up by the dozens. Vibrant schools are in vibrant communities.

I have seen elections where candidates didn't even run, spent no money, put up no signs and won a seat on the school board anyway. Amazing! The other option would be the Libertarian Party but the person who spouts that agenda turns people off, especially with the obnoxious rhetoric.

Sad state of affairs for the children of Toledo!

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cesspool of Dim destruction 2 to 1 , and you whine about the R's ?!

About as incongruent as Dims saying that Obamascare Nightmare Healthcare would cost $700 billion when it will actually cost $2.75 TRILLION !!!!

In your sad and pathetic World, what does 2 + 2 equal ?

Answer: 9 ?

I'd bet my life that accounting is as strange to you as astrophysics, is.

Democrats have run everything in Northwest Ohio for decades, including TPS. It's all in the toilet. I think the Republicans gave up trying, thinking that it was useless. The voters here are obviously either incredibly stupid or, they like misery.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni


The Republicans have never run a credible candidate other than Chris Myers, when he ran with the "Three for Change."

Yeah, I remember that. Chris went on some goofy radio show and the interviewer played the race card. Something about 'more diverse' school board members being needed. Chris about did himself a mischief trying his best not to look at the race card on the table.

I went back and looked it up. It was the Troy Neff show, and the post was Will Chris Myers get Schooled?

Personally, I wouldn't sit on the school board even if you paid me as much in a year as Larry Sykes made the whole time he was on the board. I couldn't take the incredible amount of BS and just plain ignorance.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

When they chose Jack Ford over Francis Dumbaya that was the end for me. It was then obvious that politics trumps getting the correct people in place for TPS.

Very true. In Toledo it's more important to help politicians secure their state pension than to actually vote for action.

The LCRP is not immune either.

I am a lifelong GOPer. I love my party, donate to my party, and support it's decisions.

One local exception is Sarantou. That is a guy I haven't voted for in 15 years easy. I voted for him once, and never again. He is a career politician and not a advocate for the people and thus I won't vote for him. My personal preference. My brother is a more active LC Republican than I am and he gets frustrated on that one. But part of me being a good Republican is supporting candidates I feel support the best of the party.


and sad at the same time. There is no courage to change TPS, because almost everyone is an insider and they think that everything is fine. Voters do have a choice although the teacher's union buys the election by running ads, spending money and man hours for the candidates they want. It is horribly unfair, but it is the reality and unless others take notice, there won't be another option for TPS other than withering on the vine. It does not have to be this way, but it is the way that people choose it to be.

Yes, to be blunt, the voters have chosen this sort of system. Either they were ignorant or they wanted crony administration. Either way, the voter must shoulder total blame for where we are today.

I still have the scanned copies of Ford's "application" to get appointed to the BOE, for that short period before he handily got elected onto it. It looks like a child scrawled on the app, and he's the only one who used a half-filled-in teacher's app form for the job, whereas the rest of the applicants submitted cover letters and resumes like real professionals. Ford must have been sending the message that the fix was in, so why expend any particular effort? Indulging in such a farce shows contempt. And yet... Toledoans voted for him. And so they are getting what they deserve: Schools that suck. Schools that are expensive, don't perform to even the least metrics, and are staffed with the Golden Class ("the 10%").

What bit of hacking has been used (and by whom one wonders) -

to enable your post to stay at the top as if it was the most recent post??? Unless Chris corrects this (if it's not him doing it) - it's just another form of two-cheating.


is me; no hacking. I will keep it up over the weekend because it makes a great point (even without mentioning me).

It's good to be the king

The more I thought about it, I figured that probably only a website owner could have controlled posting order. I "typed" & posted before I thought it all the way through. I'm not as familiar with Toledo politics as Toledo residents and Toledo politicos, and of course not as interested..

But what little I do know about Toledo politics, I would have to agree with the poster above who talks about the "fix" being in. The fix is always in, in Toledo. Not just at the school board. If one party controls a community, OF COURSE, the school system is going to suffer. Toledo has been on an irreversible decline for years. They are lucky that Owens Corning chose to stay downtown, and in Toledo at all, and that Jeep is still here. Without those 2 companies, the town would be deader than Detroit. And I'm from the downriver Detroit area, and never thought to see it die like it has. (Coming soon to Toledo.)

Here's the reality. No school board member, no teacher, no administrator can change the downward trajectory of TPS. Here's why.

Let's suppose we do an experiment and have Ottawa Hills first grade students go to a TPS school and have TPS first grade students go to the Ottawa Hills school. There is no question that the OH students would excel and the TPS students wouldn't. Why? Because of the environments from where the students come. And I don't mean the size of the houses. If you come from a dysfunctional family, if your family doesn't value education, if your family has no or low expectations for what you're going to do with your life, etc., then you won't be successful.

Let's face it. Can you think of one urban school system that has significantly come back from blight? I can't. TPS is now relegated to the Detroit system of just trying to keep crimes from being committed at school. Education is an unintended consequence.

The students in Ottawa Hills face as many home challenges as children in the "urban" areas. There is a saying that goes like this, "The villages of the rich are just as hard on children as the villages of the poor." Parents in Ottawa Hills have the same issues as parents in central city Toledo. They use drugs, alcohol, have multiple partners, families are just as dysfunctional and contain other deviant behaviors. They live in a distict that socially is no different than central Toledo. However the economic base is higher and these problems can be glossed over or denied. Everybody regardless of their economic status wants more for their children then they had. Schools are schools and homes are homes. It is not a forgone conclusion that the Ottawa Hills children would perform better. That is just ridiculous and would assume that by virture of where you live will decide what you will become. I know far too many people who have risen above their circumstances and have excelled and far exceeded expectations. It takes good schools (if you send your child to school) with good teachers who have high expectations for their students. If parents are not allowed into the schools unless the school is given 24 hours notice, it is kind of hard for "parent involvement." If a parent is given "permission" to enter the school, it is considered harassment if a parent uses this privilidge too often and according to the TFT contract. the teacher can use the "Safe School" ordinance against a parent.
The school board enters into agreements with the unions that do not benefit students. If the school board is elected by the democratic party at the whim of whoever runs that party with no opposition from either the republicans or any other party or independent the "machine" can run whoever they want and that person will be elected. Larry Sykes has been on the school board "since forever" and I have never talked to anyone who has admitted to ever voting for him.......go figure...

Anyone who doesn't know the history of TPS, the TFT and the Democratic party should get informed. The headline in the Blade today is "PROPOSED PROPERTY VALUES NOSE-DIVE IN LUCAS COUNTY." We have always said that if you have a great school system, the city will survive. Vibrant schools make vibrant communities.

Wow--it's difficult for me to believe that there are people who are still naive enough to believe what you've just written. Hence the definition of "Bleeding Heart Liberal."

For those of us who embrace reality, it is a foregone conclusion that the typical Ottawa Hills child will perform better than the typical TPS child. Sure kids in all socioeconomic situations take drugs, get pregnant, experience divorce, etc., but the differences for OH children include: 1) Even in divorce, the children have the presence of two parents in their lives, 2) the parents aren't selling drugs, 3) there are generations of family members who worked hard and were successful, 4) their parents have taken on the responsibility of feeding, clothing, and housing them, 5) the majority are not illegitimate, 6) the typical family does not have a family member who is or has been incarcerated, etc.

Until there is an internal change within the communities who send their children to TPS, there will be no chance for any improvement in the schools.

I was talking to a friend of mine who has taught for 35 years in TPS. She teaches 4th grade at a school that most would not consider inner city.

The first week of school she called a meeting of the parents and explained that she considered it unacceptable for her students to use "F**K" in the classroom (remember, she teaches 4th grade). From the few parents who showed-up, she received some pushback explaining that the children might have a hard time distinguishing between what's okay at school as opposed to at home.

How can any learning get done in that environment?

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