While Obama and Kaptur were in Maumee touting how the private sector is "doing just fine," I was visiting, for the last time, a long-time local establishment that is going-out-of-business.

Colonial Cleaners on Monroe Street is closing its doors after 65 years in business due to what a posting on its door describes as the "insurmountable" cost of doing business.

Colonial was hit by the "perfect storm" of the current local and national anti-business environments. The recent increase in Toledo water rates; the rise in the minimum wage; and even the price of petroleum, which affects the cost of the plastic dry cleaning bags, all contibuted to the overwhelming costs that ultimately were impossible to overcome.

While I was at Colonial, I met a man who had been coming to the dry cleaners for 35 years. One of the employees said that this was like the "longest funeral" she had ever attended.

Meanwhile, in Maumee, Obama was explaining “I’m running for a second term because I have more to do." That's the scariest thing I've heard in a long time.

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Industry has been fleeing Toledo for a long time. Therefore the service industries that could only feed off the industrial core's economic contribution, will have to slowly die off.

In addition, what do poor people need a dry cleaner for? Poor people don't have nice clothing. They don't need them.

non-public sector, non-government job creation , as a pit-bull cares about bad breath .

President Reagan, created 800,000 -1,000,000 jobs per month once his staggered tax cuts were completely enacted !
This American Historical record jobs growth extended into G.H.W.B.'s first term !!

Never more , never more...under the job killing,big eared Chicago clown, Obozo & the do-nothing, no budget offered in THREE years, D Senate !

P.S. Obammy, and the Fascist / D's, stated that if the $800 BILLION Stimulus Planned passed, unemployment would be 5.6 % by 2010 ?!

I was talking to the owner of another dry cleaner and she said that another factor that has added to the burden of cleaners trying to stay in business is the EPA. They have imposed new regulations that have resulted in significant increases in the prices of dry cleaning chemicals.

The moral to all of this is that the government--its regulations and taxes--is the primary culprit in the destruction of businesses and jobs.

While I take no joy in the closure of this small business, enough with the sour grapes. I am sure that the decision to close the store goes far deeper and is way more complex than you have reasoned here; but blaming regulation? C'mon.
Dry cleaning chemicals should be regulated. There should be a minimum wage. That there are is further proof that humans need rules. Your dry cleaner may be moral person, but you and I both know that some, even plenty, small business owners, would dump noxious chemicals down the sink if it saved them the money required to dispose of it properly. I don't think we have to look too far for evidence of that.

Who better to explain the battles that dry cleaners are facing in trying to stay in business than the owners? I know what I was told by 2 owners who--independent of each other--told the same story of the increase in water rates, higher minimum wages, and government regulations.

I would be interested in reading an account of the deeper and complex reasons to which you refer. Please elaborate.

There should NOT be a minimum wage. It kills jobs and destroys necessary economic individualism. Period.

We regulate nasty chemicals due to a clear environmental hazard. The free market won't handle those problems on its own. In fact, the free market would amplify the hazard, due to the problem of socializing costs while privatizing profits.

But the free market is an excellent regulator of wages. We should let it function.

So you want the free market to set the wages? OK, let's start with all the free market supporter. I'm sure you would have no problem if your employer came to you right now and said, "we 're now going to be paying you minium wage as of right now".

I'm no hypocrite. I've had employers cut my wages. I was free to go elsewhere, and I did eventually.

I can take the heat. You? Not so much.

To put more regulations on businesses to eventually cripple them? To put more people out of work to vote for him in November? To ruin our economy more than it is already? To turn the United States of America into a third-world country?


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