Obviously this country has officially lost its mind. Let's look at all the areas that used to be booming and are now crap holes. Detroit, Old West End Toledo, Old Polish Town Toledo, South Toledo, North Toledo....hmmm...I wonder what is the one common denominator here? What is the "pink" elephant in the room nobody will truthfully admit or talk about?

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Hmm, Detroit hasn't elected a Republican mayor since around 1961. Toledo politics has been dominated by Democrats for decades.
Apparently people are happy with the ways things are.....that MUST be it, otherwise it would mean that they're all stupid, right?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

are so obtuse and stupid, they do not even recognize the horrors of their own misguided voting pattern they seem to be idiotically addicted to ?!

Some folks are paralyzed by their stupidity.
Others, embrace it blindly and are content with it.
The rest, either profit from it or are recipients of the vote buying agenda by radical job killing America haters.

Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, and all American cities have too many citizens exactly like the above 3 sorts !
And, is exactly why we are in a Federal deficit mode, unlikely to be corrected before The Collapse !

I googled "best cities in US for jobs" and found that Austin, Texas and Houston,Texas were first and second on a list from Forbes. The ratings were based on manufacturing and tech industries employment opportunity. And, guess what?... Both of these cities, rated for great economic growth and job availability, have Democratic mayors!
How can that be? Someone needs to tell WSPD.

what to talk about slums my sister lives in south Toledo she has for 10 years in that time her car has been stolen broke the Window and are great Toledo police told her to come down and file a report how no car two days later her car was found of course she had to pay over 150 bucks to get it back then the city made MONEY broke the Window again to get dollar in change 100 for window took a old tricycle out of yard she had for decoration for scrape and nor they poked a hole in her gas tank to get gas 700 dollars hole to big to patch gun shots in the night gangs run the streets they burn houses down around you. she works two jobs today on Toledo news a - A Toledo police officer responded to a call of a burglary, when the 92-year-old woman who lived in the home shot at the officer, apparently thinking he was the bad guy. cop hurt but OK but news reporter at end of story had to say they took her gun way to go NEWS MAN. should tied her up and put on front porch Toledo is like Chicago when it comes to law abiding citizen with guns and the news media to call Toledo police see how long they take sit on your porch how many time you see them.if someone does not drive buy a shoot you in the head why cant they use those street cams to catch scrappers you see a truck full of plumbing from a house siding same truck 5 times in one week . steal a car and take no finger prints and finger prints should be on driver licenses . granted young kids steal cars what are they doing out all night no parents or bad parents i remember on tv years ago they would say DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE not any more oh buy the way that new law about having a gun in a bar have not heard of any one shooting up a bar since the law went into effect nor any bars being robbed . it's not too many guns too many idiots same people drive cars we don't ban cars a gun is tool that all it is.if you buy a hammer and hit someone in the head instead of a nail to to blame the hammer?


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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