BULLETIN: THE WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPDATED--AND WHAT A FINE WEBSITE IT IS! According to Lucas county GOP website--"The March 6, 2012 Primary Election is almost here"

I had heard that local Republican and Conservative groups were organizing a protest for when Obama is in town on Thursday. So silly me, I thought I'd go to the Lucas County Republican Party website for information.

I must have travelled to a parallel universe thinking that the County GOPers would have an up-to-date site--with the chairman busy steaming-up car windows and all (http://www.northwestohio.com/news/story.aspx?id=125887#.T_JpDGt5mSM).

Anyway, what I found was a site that hadn't been updated since before the March primary. I guess that pretty much sums-up all of the activity going on there. See for yourself at http://lucascountygop.org/.

If anyone has information on anti-Obama activities for this Thursday, please include it as a comment to this post.

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Pretty pathetic, website out of date by at least 4 months...in an election year. Sign of a well run political party. (rolls eyes)

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

etc., across America, are all similar in that a thrice convicted pedophile registered as a D,will get elected over a retired military hero, father, business owner, Christian,R-registered, by a 72% to 28 %, in every election until doomsday !

Cities have all become cesspools of minorities and Liberal voters, who all worship Big Government, as if they are mesmerized into doing utterly stupid things over and over and over and over again .

The Republicans don't have to have a party around here. They either move to Maumee, Oregon or some other municipality in Lucas County, or they move to Perrysburg or some other municipality in Wood County. Toledo was left to rot; the right wing permanently voted with its feet a long time ago.

The LCRP today is just a some Democrat psyop that's designed to keep most Toledoans voting Democrat. And for a minimum cost, it works quite well for that purpose.

who remain and are the recipients of the horrors that D's, create !

Say like in perpetual in crisis schools for the D spawns only, Third World roads and infrastructure criminally neglected so that D voters can travel on them,no jobs for them,and etc.

All of the Horrors of the D Party, end up giving their own stupid constituents the broken end of the bottle and THEY obviously...LOVE IT because, THEY keep on voting for the HORRORS !?

We are putting together a rally that will kick off at 10 AM in downtown Maumee. It's at the corner of E. Broadway and Conant Street across from the old Union School. Bring your sign, a cooler of water or soft beverage, a chair and a good attitude. We have been working on this since yesterday and are having issues pulling it together. Things are swinging our way and it looks like we even have a Romney Bus coming. The speakers list is coming together too. We will be asking for donations, so please be generous.

This is 100% home grown grass roots and would like to see as many of our neighbors and friends as possible for this peaceful assembly protesting for our healthcare freedom.

Sounds great--thanks for the information. I'll tell people that I know. I'll come prepared with my sign and a donation.

As the old saying goes..."A fool and his money are soon parted".

Maumee, huh? There's nothing "home grown" or "grass roots" about it. Thousands of dirt-poor Toledoans are planning on getting even more healthcare on your dime; so why not hold a rally there, in their midst? And there are enough people in Toledo who will be terribly screwed by the individual mandate. Why not rally with them, too?

... and the trouble it will cause down the road if not stopped.

If I understand correctly, the really bad stuff will kick in in 2014. There will be immediate pain, BO, if re-elected, will not care - he will be a total lame duck, and all he will have to worry about is whethere MO and he can live on a presidential pension. Having lived the high life on the taxpayers' dime for so many years.

And if the politicians thought they heard screaming at town hall meetings in 2010, they haven't seen anything yet. Congress (if BO is still in office in 2014). The 2014 elections would probably shape up to be "Throw ALL of the bums out." If we don't get a Republican Senate this year, we almost certainly would get one in 2014 .

Dems who applauded the turn-coat decision of Roberts are very short-sighted. This thing is FAR from over. The American citizenry is simply not going to swallow this one whole. They just aren't. "It's a tax - it's a penalty...." bla bla bla. Who cares?

Oh, and expect some vote on a future case from Roberts with the other conservatives - but it will be a case that doesn't matter one whit to anybody. He will never recover any reputation he ever had. I listened to his double talk during the confirmation hearings, and knew at the time that conservatives were not going to get anything useful from this guy. I read his bio recently. Boarding school (meaning detached parents), elite, upscale secondary education. He has been almost as removed from the realities of life for most people in this country as is BO. Not a middle American - just another clueless elitist.

Awesome! A co-worker over heard me talking about this and gave our cause $6. 00 for seed money!

It's a shame the County GOP leadership sucks this bad.

It was tough for me to stop donating money but as long as Stain is there they won't get a dollar from me anymore.

He has done a great job killing the party.


Yes, exactly. I think that's what John Robinson Block had in mind when he made sure his wingman, Stainbrook, got the job. What a couple of buffoons!

Well there were things people inside the party could have done. i.e. formed a LC Conservative Party to jointly endorse GOP candidates who are acceptable by both groups as they do in NY, create a PAC to fund GOP candidates that Stain does not approve of, etc.

My brother, bigger and more active GOPer than me, and I tried several of these but there wasn't much interest outside of a select few.

Some others tried as well but on different fronts to still get things done outisde of the party but not necessarily against it, like Dave Schulz and COBRA.


If I'm reading correctly? Not sure. Anyway, if you had worked in any capacity, including poll worker, for the BOE, you would know that the house cleaning that has taken place at the BOE (including all those fired) was long overdue. It just didn't go quite far enough.

First of all, the party website is not going to post info on counter-demonstrations of any kind regarding the President. It would be incredibly bad form. For the time being, he is the prez, and there is something called respect for the office. Republican party officials understand the need to walk a fine line. I have items I intend to post regarding BO, but not while he is personally in the State. There's such a thing as common courtesy,& personally, I will refrain for today. You have to balance strong disagreement with a candidate against not letting any candidate get away with "stuff". And BO has gotten away with lots of "stuff" since 2008.

Not that I disagree with a courteous "demonstration". There were plenty of rude nasty demonstrations on the part of Dems for 8 years against President Bush.

I have only one problem with Stainbrook's job performance, and that is the woman who he supported for Assistant Director at the BOE. In that regard, he is clueless. If he asked any Republicans who worked the temp jobs at the BOE during the 2008 presidential electon, many would be glad to tell him that this particular woman would be a very bad choice for second-in-command. He is apparently unaware that she worked hand-in-glove with Dennis (I think his last name was Lang, not sure)... AGAINST Republican temp workers. (For one thing, various Republicans were replaced with "independents" for no real reason.) And Dennis WAS a registered Republican, if memory serves. One hourly temp worker said at the time - "They appear not to like Republicans as a group here."

I haven't kept up with the latest on whether an Assistant or Deputy Director was ever appointed - but the fact that the recent Director who quit after a short time - well, the fact that he quit so soon after being appointed - is possibly (maybe) because it was not a good job fit. [Trying to be fair here.] But again, ask any of the Republican temp workers from 2008, and they could fill Stainbrook and others in on exactly how crappy Republicans are treated up there. And it's not even "below the radar" - it's pretty blatant.

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