Yay Republican Governors



And congratulations Mitt Romney - the Court has just handed you the Presidency on a silver platter. Not a bad day's work for godless liberals.

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I don't think this is the straw that breaks the camel's back. If anything I think it will only do more to add small donors to Romney's already effective campaign fundraising. We're seeing that already as I've heard Romney's campaign said they raised $100k in the hour after the announcement and the RNC announced they had raised a million today alone.

James Carville said in a fundraising email on Monday that the Tea Party was dead. If they were this is what brings them back to the forefront.


You mean this Mitt Romney?

or this one?

Either one will beat a President who passes the highest tax increase ever in the middle of a recession. That's what SCOTUS affirmed happened. Good luck defending it in Nov.


"highest tax increase ever"

Mike - typically I think of you a bit smarter than the average wing nut troll around here, but this isn't even close to the truth. Now you're just repeating some Republican meme that got regurgitated under the bridge.

The Supreme Court ruling gives the federal government taxing authority, which is by no means the same as the imposition of a broad new tax.

No, this is not a massive tax increase on the American people. It's a penalty paid by people who choose not to purchase insurance. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will hit about 4 million Americans, about 1 percent of the population. Now, it's refreshing that Republicans care about a different 1 percent for a change, but that still doesn't make this a tax hike.

Even if you characterized the mandate penalty as a tax it still is not the most massive tax hike on the middle class, much less the biggest tax hike in American history. The penalty imposed by the individual mandate amounts to either $695 or 2.5 percent of household income for those who don’t have insurance and are not exempt based on income levels. By comparison, the payroll tax cut extension Republicans repeatedly blocked earlier this year would have added 3.1 percentage points to the tax and cost the average family $1,500 a year.

Actually SCOTUS disagrees with you. Congress has the power to tax not to "penalize". In fact the only time the word penalty (actually it's penalties) shows up in the constitution is where it discusses the rules of Congress.

Tax on the other hand is mentioned several times. This was the basis for the majority opinion which stated "In this case, however, it is reasonable to construe what Congress has done as increasing taxes on those who have a certain amount of income, but choose to go without health insurance, such legislation is within Congress’s power to tax.”

So I'm sorry to say according to the majority opinion it is a tax.

As far as the tax being the largest you quote the agi for one person (the lowest of the penalties taxes). However for a family with three adults (you know those 18-26 yr old children now that must be covered) the rate is 2.5 AGI/$2085. AND that is on top of the employer mandate tax of 2000 for less than 50 employees, 3000 for employers with over 50 employees (if just one employee receives coverage through the exchange, additionally the $600 tax per employee if the employer does not enroll them for coverage within 60 days.


of the Federalist Papers, especially the pages regarding a limited Federal government.

If every good intention becomes Law, as this dictate does,we all become subjects and not sovereign citizens with individual rights.

Fascism, is the word for you history class failures.

The SCOTUS has betrayed us for the last time. What a pack of doublespeak. If the individual mandate is unconstitutional (and it is!), then so is the fine or tax that's triggered by it. It is legally impossible to hold you responsible for law that's invalid.

I urge every American to intentionally refuse to pay this silly fine or tax or whatever it is, in 2014 when it starts being assessed. It's unconstitutional. Don't obey. Don't give in. Also, adjust your withholding so that you don't run a refund, since they'll just steal the fine/tax right out of the refund, leaving you no recourse.

The federal government's powers are outlined in the U.S. Constitution. If it's not in there, then the federal government doesn't have the power. That's basic law in the nation. And nowhere in U.S. Constitution does it state or imply that federal government has the power to force you to purchase a private product or service. The federal government therefore cannot force you to buy health insurance from a private provider; and since they can't legally do that, they most certainly can't fine you or tax you based on that failure to conform.

It's a terrible time in the USA when a layman like me understands the U.S. Constitution better than half of the fuckheads sitting on the highest court in the land.

repeatedly that this gigantic tax increase, wasn't a tax increase.

We'll all been conned once again by those who run with and vote like Bernie Madoff, Gov. Corzine, Finkbiner, Izenberg, Gov. Spitzer, and all of the rest of lying bleeding heart Dims.

Too bad for the middle class once again having to pay a tax increase all so that they can be taken care of by the same folks who guard our borders, run our banks,dictate what we eat and where we go to school, and now all of our health care.

FRIGHTENING times 1 MILLION...union bureaucrats SEIU pukes now control our health care???

So you choose not to have health insurance?

Oh, never mind...a debate with some one who likes massive tax increases, being lied to repeatedly,having unionized bureaucrats making health decisions instead of doctors for them, and actually likes it.
Is not a human being I wish to communicate with ever...voted for a choom gangsta heh ?

Well, it's not really a choice, is it? It's far too expensive to purchase. As an individual, it's an impossible bill. There's no way to pay it. And when employed, the employer-provided plan is a joke. You may as well just throw the money away. After all, even if you're "insured", the insurer "ensures" that you get socked with so many bills that you're not really insured.

More Americans will have to know what I know directly. Their employers will continue to drop their policies, since Obamacare's provisions will drive them to impossibly expensive heights, over and above the 10% yearly increases that were driving the plans into bankruptcy anyway.

And, repeatedly !!!
By so many D's, it is nearly immeasurable !!!

If any citizen likes being conned and lied to, in any measurable quantity ,where "the ends justifies the means"....ought to revoke their citizenship and flee to China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, or any one of the many darling spots on this Planet where decision making...is all wonderfully done for you.

Please, vote this November ,to rid ourselves of a creeping Fascism,and those who embrace it... otherwise by 2012, America, will be most definitely GONE !!

My insurance goes up 10% per year to cover you...

Also, you'll now be able to buy into a group plan at supplemented rate.

As for a companies insurance being worthless, that is completely not true. My families medical expense was over $150,000 last year. I paid only $5000 on top of my monthly premiums. Not only that, I put the $5000 in my HSA and it was tax free money.

Sensor, you've never paid for me. Where'd you get that info from? I haven't had health insurance since 1989 or so, and since then there have been precisely 3 instances when I had to seek medical care. In all 3 cases, I paid the bill. In full. At the time of service. And those bills were larger than anything you or your insurer paid, so as it stands, I've actually paid for YOU.

Irony: It's not just for breakfast anymore.

As for those group plans, really, you need to stop promoting myths now, before you embarrass yourself further. All "exchange" plans across the states have failed and failed miserably. Want to know why? Because the entire premise of these exchanges or group plans was flawed to begin with. There is no real competition in the insurance industry. The people seeking cost advantage are precisely the same people that all the industry rejects as being too expensive to service. That's why we called this silly stuff "INSURANCE". When you're a bad risk, you have to pay a much larger amount, or you do without. A group plan or exchange for the minority of really bad risks, doesn't change that hard economic rule.

So what happens in all these exchange attempts is that all the "bad" people (risk-wise) are tossed into the exchange system. And they get bad deals, which is to say the only deals that such bad risks can ever get, economically speaking. That's how it's supposed to work. It's I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E.

(So the exchange eventually collapses, or ends up receiving heavy government subsidy. But you knew that, right?)

The modern spin on this particular "problem" is that individuals are treated as bad risks. There's zero concern for your level of exercise, the health of your diet, your status as a smoker, etc. None of that matters when (as in all employer plans, more or less) you're told to take everyone who applies. So even if there was an exchange or group plan, under Obamacare it's going to totally suck. I could have insurance now, as long as I don't mind getting raped in premiums for it. That's always been the problem: It's too expensive to buy. So my exchange "options" will also be too expensive to buy. No change. No reform.

As for your personal experiences, you're only supporting what I said. Buddy, you had I-N-S-U-R-A-N-C-E. Why did you end up paying ANYTHING?!?! What's really happening here is that Americans (being the dumbest people in the world) are being trained to accept insurance that doesn't act like insurance anymore. Other forums I've talked with about this problem have noted that Americans are being kicked more and more into "HD" plans-- high deductible. Premiums are starting to wipe people out, so they are all adapting by doing the wrong thing, by accepting higher deductibles. That's obviously a very slippery slope.

Sensor, you got priced out of real insurance a long time ago. Time to accept that reality and seek real reform.

First of all, he has never paid for me either. I have paid my own ER bills, when uninsured. Which were a bargain compared to being gouged by insurance companies. My last (small company) insurance policy, back in 1998, covered almost nothing in terms of doctor visits. I averaged 3-4 a year at the time, and 2 per year would end up unpaid. The insurance company would lie about bills submitted by the doctor's office staff, they would ignore any inquiries. The bills were simply never paid - except by me. And I went to the most careful and honest osteopath you could ever meet. Heck - Owens-Corning (which was self-insured at the time) back in the 1980's was turning down simple things like chiropractic right and left. (Aetna administered their so-called insurance "plan". My chiropractor said they hired turn-coat doctors to say people weren't really sick.) One co-worker at that time had to fight for over a year and a half to get a hospital bill of $1800 paid for her teenage daughter, who was quite ill at the time.

This boondoggle (BOcare) was a gift to the insurance companies, disguised as help. Nobody will be helped by this. There is no health care involved - just payments to dishonest insurance organizations.

I will have to post later on what a betrayal to the American people this was by Roberts - who appears to want everybody to "wuv" him. I think he was pressured by Elena Kagan and others. I think he was afraid of being called a "racist" if he did the right thing - which would have been admitting that BOcare is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, unconstitutional and oppressive. This idea that you cannot countermand anything that comes out of a partisan and dishonest congress - like the one in place prior to the 2010 "correction" election - the idea that anything they pass has to stand???? You gotta wonder if Roberts has read the constitution all the way through. And he apparently has little knowledge of the history of the Supreme Court, or its function. What does he think they are there for, if not to correctly interpret the Constitution? What does he think "checks and balances" means? I don't think he "de-ligitimized" the Court. I think he made himself a laughingstock from here on out.

I WAS proud of Kennedy, because liberals were pinning their hopes on him, not realizing that Roberts would wimp out.

There's a whole back-story about Laurence Tribe (an arrogant liberal idiot), who was thought at one time to have too much sway over Justice Kennedy. Tribe's arrogance was outed recently when a memo from him surfaced, that said, in effect, [paraphrasing here] that Sotomayor was not going to be an intellectual enough liberal to influence Kennedy, but Kagan might be able to control him. You gotta wonder if that didn't offend Kennedy just a tad.

Whatever the reason, Kennedy did the right thing. Well, on to November, when we elect Mitt Romney - who will be able to put at least one, if not two conservatives on the Court. I hope they play that angle up now during the campaign. This is going to be the most important election in over a century, in my opinion.

TurdZero how much did you have to pay for your sex change operation?

So all 3 branches of the federal government have gone against the will of the people (per every poll) and supported Obamacare.

It's the citizens' turn to take the country back in November!

Galt, if by "take the country back" you mean handing over control of the big Government machine to the likes of Mitt "Obama" Romney, John "highway bill" Boehner and John "all war all the time" McCain, then I'm sorry to have to break this to ya, but you're putting way too much faith in a bunch of jugheads who love big Government just as much as ANY Democrat that ever existed. Hell, even the so-called "repeal" of Obamacare that they are putting out there entails enacting only a slightly watered down version of O-care. We want this WHY?? I'm sorry but I don't want someone to run the gargantuan machine just slightly better, we need to start dismantling it before it really is to late. I would suggest that we start pushing our State legislatures to put forth a nullification bill, this being the only real first step in knee-capping our Soviet style empirical federal overlords. Hear me now and believe me later, the Republicans will fix NOTHING!!

The fruits of MY labor are not a social commodity.

Witness Governors Walker and Kasich.

But even if they hadn't - leaving the country, including our loyal and mis-used military troops, in the hands of a know-nothing puppet of the banksters and insurance giants - is not an option.

If you sign up for the daily presidential tracking poll by Rasmussen, you will noice that the attacks on Romney that the BO campaign thought would be so effective - have not budged the numbers. That daily tracking poll has had Romney ahead by a few points almost every day. There have been a couple exceptions - but not enough to convince me that Romney will not win.

The Dems can throw all the mud they want - people are angry about being ignored, and yesterday's "Decision" just added to that anger level. I said on a blog for months prior to the 2010 election that they (meaning political leaders) had no idea how angry people really were. The hollering at town hall meetings was brushed off and minimized by the MSM. To no avail. The Dems were routed.

The only thing we can do now is elect a different prez, and since Romney is the alternative - that's who will win. Highlighting things about him that the Dems were so cock-sure would move poll numbers - HASN'T WORKED - & won't work through to November. I'm out on a limb here, but don't care - ROMNEY WILL BE OUR NEXT PREZ.

Yes, the Obamacare fiasco was quite a wedge driven into the electorate. People suspect that many things won't change under a Republican President, but there's a good hope that a Republican President and a mostly Republican Congress will put down the most offensive parts of Obamacare.

The penalties upon the middle class rolling down from Obamacare are steep. Anyone can do the math at 1% of their AGI. For many, paying this fine or tax will absorb all their discretionary funds. They'll be broke, then. They will pay bills and do nothing else. They'll be voting for Romney for certain, and once again this election is a matter of SWING.

Obamacare was Obama's choice to risk his Presidency. The legislation meant all or nothing for him. It was a bad choice, and I hope he'll pay the price for it come election night.

Hopefully the next Republican President gets 8 years in office, since we obviously have a severe problem on the Supreme Court; we need to replace at least 2 Justices with men who know what the fucking Constitution really is: An outline of the RESTRICTION on federal power. A long-term Republican President is the best chance of fixing the SCOTUS.

Widowmaker: Sounds like you might be one of those "Libertarians will fix all the ills of the country" people. I always chuckle at that because it's a lame analogy. It's safe to talk about the wonders that Libertarians would do if they ran the Congress and Presidency because they never have--we have no basis of comparison.

I was listening to Brian Wilson this afternoon and it appears that the Supreme Court Obamacare decision has reignited the "Libertarian all of the time" WSPD programming. Anyway, a rambling caller who identified himself as a Libertarian said he was going to attend the Perrysburg public reading of the Declaration of Independence and heckle the Conservatives with anti-Judge Roberts comments. Again, it's a glass-house situation in that Libertarians can brag about how much better they would do because "they've never done."

No sir, I'm not a libertarian, I am a [r]epublican/conservative who has lost all faith in the idea that the [R]epublican party still has any trace of actual republicanism/conservatism left. And I'm not talking about the Neo-con/Straussian war mongers, I mean old school Jefersonian constitution following conservatism. I don't think that this federal government CAN be fixed, thats why I say we need to push our state reps. for some nullification proceedings, and start telling the federal beast to go pound sand.
And by the way, what "libertarians" have you heard talking about a nullification bill? Just curious, because I have not heard any.

The fruits of MY labor are not a social commodity.

It's about time money will spent on the tax payers instead of being given to the self-appointing feudal lords. Excuse me, I mean Republicans and their filthy rich buddies.

The problem with your statement is the money won't be spent on taxpayers.


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