Proctor & Gamble (former) Exec's Open Letter to Obama


This letter IS from Pritchett, and IS genuine. It's from a couple years ago, or so. It speaks for a majority of Americans, in my opinion, based on the 2010 elections.

I tried to post once before - so if it comes up twice, it's because I couldn't get it to "show up" the first time.

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I may just have to post every article on THIS topic that I can find as well.

Pritchett said: "[Obama, y]ou scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector."

OK, that's a sensible criticism, but where was Pritchett when Bush Jr went on his own massive borrowing and spending spree? Expanding the military in a particular pointless war, is still trying to expand government at the expense of the rest of us. I can't find anything about Pritchett's thoughts on the Bush administration, which I'm forced to assume he found so contrary to Obama's.

Nice going!

you !
Of the three branches of our Federal Government, only ONE, has the power to make all Laws.
Including the ability to tax and to spend !

Which of the three branches of Federal Government,has that power ?

You have answered the Executive Branch, in your post ?


Congress, has that ability and since 2006, has been 100% in the D's, hands !!!!
Lies by ignorant Dims, is so tiresome...I need a nap !


Since bottoming out in March of 2009, very early in the Obama Administration, P&G stock is up about 30% in value! Does this "scare" Pritchett too?

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