Republicans Repudiate Pay Equity for American Women

Apparently, Republicans in the United States Senate do not think that women are worth as much as men.

The United States Senate has failed to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act that would provide equal pay for women performing equal work as men. The failure to assure equality falls squarely on the shoulders of Senate Republicans, all of whom voted against Paycheck Fairness.

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Paycheck Fairness Act Fails Senate Vote, Huffington Post, June 5, 2012.
Equal pay for women, The Issue, (an editorial), Times Daily, June 7, 2012.

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Apparently Democrats don't either, as it has been widely reported that both the Senate Dems and the White House pay females staffers less than their male counterparts.

Senate Dems Betray Lilly

And maybe for Republicans it wasn't about assuring "equality", but more about ensuring that the government doesn't become the final and only arbiter of "equality" and "fairness". That seems like something best left to an open and competitive labor market.

Or maybe it was because this legislation is nothing more than a big present for one of the Dems' biggest special interest groups, the trial lawyers.

The 'paycheck fairness' myth

On a related note, maybe you can tell us how Democrats essentially becoming the Chinese Population Bureau fits into your "war on women" narrative?

GOOD ONE!!! But in the likely event that it went over the average dem's head - plain English translation:

The Democratic party platform supports - nay insists - that baby girls be killed in the womb, for no more pressing reason than that they are inconveniences to one or both parents. Of course they "have it in" for inconvenient baby boys too. One can only surmise that that is the Democrat's version of fairness and equity.

Hence the term "Feminazi".

And the Chinese dissident who was allowed into the U.S. You won't hear much about him in the near future - certainly not prior to the November election. It HAS to be embarrassing to this Dem administration - particularly Queen Athalia who had to facilitate his freedom -- that he is protesting the forced abortions in China.

thousands of bogus litigation suits are brought by their trial lawyer donors, friends , & cronies heh?
More nonsensical Fascism, by a one term economic disaster & his merry band of job killers in the Senate .

Where are the JOBS ?!
Where's the halving of the deficit ?
Where are gas prices ?
Where are our home values at ?
Where is food inflation at ?
Where are home foreclosures right now ?
Where are the factory orders right now ?
Where is the Senates budget, not issued one time in President Food Stamps, tenure !?

We are being dictated to by the absolute worst "President", in all of American History !!!
And, the lap dog sycophants are bewildered at their boy's salafist on all of what was once America !

The bill has a wonderfully important sounding name. Who wouldn't want paycheck fairness? I certainly would want anyone doing the exact same job in the exact same manner as me to get the exact same pay and benefits. But this bill's stated purpose was "enhance the remedies available for victims of gender-based discrimination and require employers to show that wage differences are job-related, not sex-based, and driven by business necessity. The measure would also protect employees from retaliation for sharing salary information, which is important for deterring and challenging discriminatory compensation." You can see from the description that it is to "enhance" the remedies for trial lawyers to bring discrimination suits against employers.
Epic fail on a meaningless bill meant to garner Dem votes this November. Most people are more interested in actually finding and holding a job right now and not in whether or not there is some form of gender equity involved in their paycheck.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

It appears to me as though the people who have responded thus far just wish to sidestep the issue of pay equity for women through rationalization and deflection. It also appears to me as though the people who have read this thread thus far but have made no comment just plain do not care whether all Americans are treated equally or not.
Please do not misconstrue my comments as anything other than my honest reaction. I am not trying to get into an argument or bait anyone into a contest of belittling one another.
It was totally ludicrous on how my previous message thread about the serious issue of bullying got so distorted by the hijacking comments of people. I would hate to see the same happen to this very serious issue.

You have got to be kidding me, because you can't possibly be this ignorant.

"It also appears to me as though the people who have read this thread thus far but have made no comment just plain do not care whether all Americans are treated equally or not."

Do us all a favor Roland, please remove your over-inflated ego from what is probably your over-inflated posterior.

And you found it necessary to stoop to a lowly personal attack on me why? I ask that you please explain and elaborate your comment that attacks me and sidesteps the issue of equal pay for equal work performed by women. In doing so, you would do all women (and me) a great favor in attempting to understand your perspective on this social issue concerning equality for women.

Your post was neither honest nor serious. It was nothing more than partisan drivel.

You lay lack of pay equity at the feet of the GOP, yet you do not deal with two issues on top of those Clemson addressed below.

1) Democrats have done as much if not more to aid to the pay inequity. Reports of female staffer pay discrepancies in Dem offices of both Congress and the WH and you ignore it. There are credible reports of women being marginalized in the current WH yet you ignore it.

2) For this being such a BIG issue just two years ago the Dems had a filibuster proof majority in congress and could have passed the act you mention. They failed to and instead decided that passing Obamacare was the way to go.

So if anything you should take issue with your own party for their priorities.


of job killing tort litigation, disguised as " parity" !
Trial attorneys are deep into the colons of all radical Liberal D's !

Every city, ( Detroit, Toledo, Chicago, etc.) every county ( Lucas, Wayne, Cook, etc.)and every State, ( California, Michigan, Pennsylvania,etc.) ran exclusively by the D's, are Third World Bankrupt, Toilets !! And, are getting WORSE !!!

And, since you haven't noticed, that puts you squarely into the category of One Gigantic Ignoramus, without any hope for change !!!

( Didi you really vote for a chain smoking doper, bully,fatherless, dog eating Fascist, and are now finally realizing just how utterly and completely stupid you are ?)

Obama and Democrats play the old shell game again woman will never make more money because most want less hours to raise the kids or time off to have kids if you look at single woman in work place they make more if not the same Obama says congress has not passed any thing what about senate.more regulations all we need and Obama's friends trial lawyers to bring discrimination suits against employers.. for two years Obama had congress and senate what did he do health care bill and regulations and blame bush blame congress BLAME BLAME be a man and take the blame stop hiding behind woman and children get out from behind the dress Nancy


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Equal pay for equal work and equal opportunity for those with equivalent credentials are the issues. If a woman, or a man, works less hours and/or leaves the work force for some time, that individual has a lesser resume for a position. I have a son and a daughter. As I have stated before, I never wanted one to have better opportunities because of gender. That's the issue here.

Teacher unions were first formed almost exclusively by women teachers. Their main issues were pay equity and equal treatment. Teacher unions and the teacher pay schedule that so many here and across the country deride, were created because teaching women were paid so much less than teaching men, and shown so little respect for their contributions!

It would seem that pay equity for about one-half of the population would be a non-partisan, win-win issue, but the "Do-Nothing" Republicans in Congress oppose anything that would make it seem as though Obama is accomplishing anything positive. Better in their minds to just keep doing nothing!

Remember the "Good ol' days" when women (and minorites) "knew their place"?! So many who post here, and so many who sit in Congress, LOVED those days!
It's either "Forward" with Obama, or "Backward" with Mitt and the Congressional Republicans! I choose "Forward"!

In the twisted mind of a liberal, "pay equity" for females if paramount to LIFE EQUITY for females in utero.

Pardon my language, but that's just fucked up.
So my questions to Roland and Dale are:

  • What's the point of feigning outrage over pay equity for females when your party and ideology believe a woman should be able to abort a baby in utero just because it's a female?
  • Don't you think that before a debate on pay equity for females can actually take place, we should at least have an agreement on life equity for females?

Can you direct me to the source which shows that liberals desire ONLY female fetuses to be aborted?

My wife of nearly 43 years chose to give birth to BOTH a male and a female. I fully supported her decision! To my knowledge, she never had an abortion. But, even if she did, that's her business, not mine!

Let's try and be somewhat honest Dale, I never said liberals desire to ONLY abort female babies. Seeing as your having some trouble though, I'll help you connect the dots...

  1. Live action releases videos of Planned Parenthood employees providing instructions on how to obtain sex-selective abortions. In the first video released, the PP employee details how to proceed with an abortion if the woman finds out she is pregnant with a girl and as an added bonus, how to defraud Medicaid to get everything paid for.
  2. The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which would ban sex-selective abortions, is introduced in the House of Representatives. Since the bill was called up on a suspension vote, it required a two-thirds majority to pass. So while the final vote count was 246-168, it fell short of the needed 290 votes. Unfortunately, 161 of the 181 Democrats who voted, voted against the bill.
  3. The Paycheck Fairness Act fails to pass the Senate and the left fires back up their "war on women" side show, saying that "Republicans in the United States Senate do not think that women are worth as much as men."

So again I ask, what's the point of getting your knickers in a twist over pay equity when Democrats can't even bring themselves to support something as fundamental as life equity? I honestly don't know how liberals can peddle this "war on women" crap with a straight face when many are perfectly fine with aborting a baby just because it is a girl.

And since you made it a point to mention that your wife chose to give birth to both a male and a female, I'll pose an additional question. What if your wife only wanted boys or only wanted girls? Would you fully support her decision to abort a child just because it wasn't the desired gender?

If I ever get pregnant, I'll decide whether or not to give birth based upon my own set of moral criteria. If that happens, I'll post it here first!

One way to truly honor marriage is to NOT marry in haste. My wife and I dated for almost four full years before we married, and on Friday we will celebrate 43 years of marriage. (That's more years than Newt has in ALL THREE of his marriages put together!) On July 5th, we'll celebrate 47 years since we met. What I'm trying to point out is that my wife and I agree on everything that is truly important. I wouldn't be married to someone who disagreed on such a fundamentally personal moral issue!
For the record, we both, personally, oppose abortion as a means of birth control; however, neither of us seek to foist our personal view of abortion upon others in the form of legislation. So-called conservatives, who hypocritically express how the government is too big and too invasive, want government to enforce their personal moral views upon others.

And, for that matter, I know people who prefer girl babies. What hard evidence is there that Planned Parenthood instructions for "sex-selective abortions" are ONLY aimed at aborting females? You're no fool. You know that right-wingnuts are purposely distorting this information to justify their own perverse form of misogeny.

By misogenistically opposing pay equity, Mitt Romney, Republicans, and conservatives seek to take America "Backward" to the "Good 'ol' days" when women and minorities "knew their place".

To me, this election cycle is a clear choice. We can either vote for Democrats to take us "Forward" into the future, or Republicans who would take us "Backward". Americans may choose either. That's what free elections are all about. Your choice is easy to discern. As for me, I choose "Forward"!

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