What happened to the Blade?

It's been coming for some time, but I think we can now say for certain that that Blade has ceased being a newspaper and has become a newsletter for the American Kennel Association that also prints other news if there's space left. "Teen saves family dog from chocking" is not front page news on even the slowest days for any real newspaper. Personally, I hope the Blade's next publisher is a cat person.

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And she cancelled my parents' subscription to the Blade just a couple weeks back.

I hadn't noticed, because I only buy a paper about 5 times a month, and alternate between the Toledo and Detroit papers.

My mother's complaint was as follows: Constantly, stories are about dogs or other animals.. Her objections included the numerous stories in the Blade (and on tv) about dogs, specifically the "suitcase dogs". Her opinion is "ENOUGH ALREADY". Our extended family being completely pro-life - her comments included: "They obssess about animals, because their consciences bother them that they support killing children in abortion mills. Enough is enough."

Other than my mother, I didn't know it had become obvious to others.

Between the Blade, criminal unions, and intolerant business loathing liberal politicians, Toledo, is spiraling down the vortex of what these job killers have wrought !

Sadly, the ignorant leftist voters and those who feed at the trough of Big Government,are insanely resistant to change !
Therefore: expect nothing good to ever happen again in this berg to reverse this liberal agenda.

And,if anyone believes that gambling is going to change any of this to the positive...you may want to witness where in America, this has happened .

Answer: in no place & in no time in American History, has it ever occurred ...

It's always been a great dog-training aid. I hope it never ends its paper printing and goes exclusively on to the web. No dog owner will want to use their computer or smartphone for training their puppy that way.


Blade a liberal paper ant gun ant smoking i don't get the Blade . i did until they started Toledo smoking ban and then stated a state ban witch passed by lies about smoking being to at VFW halls and a trick ballot .. and putting names of concealed gun owners names in paper . union busting the owner of the paper did not live in Ohio if i put this so called paper in a bird cage my bird would not poop on it but might get sick. looking at it Bloomsburg would love this paper should take it to new York call it NY Blade


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

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