Obama to send troops to die for a mistake for 2 more years


It's just like Vietnam, it's just like Vietnam, it's just like Vietnam... and he's just like Woodrow Wilson and Dick Nixon. Same ole same ole same ole. And our troops are sitting ducks, and a man raised as a Muslim until the age of 10, who knows next to nothing about the U.S. (or any) military, will be sending our boys to die for nothing, and handing the bill to the American taxpayer -- to have our sons killed for NOTHING.


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Hey, FG, remember when Bush was running the war, and the Democrats constantly spoke out against that? Even while they kept voting for war funding?

And remember how all that speaking out ended as soon as Obama was running the war?

Well, I remember all that. LOL!

Farmgal, you are one dumb cunt :)

Within a year after BO was elected, I sent my e-mail list - which included one liberal Democrat - some link, with my comment that "Oh, the wars are OK now that Obama is prez". My liberal Dem friend was very unhappy with me. At least one famous Dem, Oliver Stone, said on Bill Moyers' program a while back, that he was "shocked" (SHOCKED mind you) that BO not only had not ended any wars at that point, but was sending additional troops to Afghanistan. At least Stone was honest. Most Dems are complete hypocrites on this topic.

BO got into office on the basis that he was anti-war, and would bring troops home, if elected. I believe the 2010 mid-terms were a strong rebuke for 2 reasons - the continuing wars AND Obamacare being shoved down our throats. I also think he is a puppet of the big banks and insurance companies. Entirely the opposite of what he pretends to be.

He could have brought troops home from Iraq the week after his inauguration. Instead he followed Richard Nixon's path. It's pathetic, and it's history repeating itself, and why am I even a little surprised. Not "shocked" like Stone, but surprised the media is letting him get away with this. Heck, the media is campaigning for him.

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