Old Country Granny Explains Why She Thinks Black People Are Racist

Black People Can Be Racist Too Toothless Country Granny

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First, who cares? Who really cares what her opinin is?

Secondly, you tagged this as Northwest Ohio. Really, where, what part of NW Ohio.

You come in here and spam with threads with crap no one cares about, which is annoying but when you do this crap at least tag it correctly.


Buckhead takes up too much space on issues better designed for a different type of site than this one. Buckhead literally crowds out issues which draw many to dozens of comments with junk like this.

Yeah Dale, Buckhead is not the first, Troy Neff used to do it when his show was on. This site was spam central and it made it hard to navigate the site.

I think I know who Buckheadradio is because his posting style reminds me of a former poster here but since neither buckhead nor that poster were ever unfair or inflammatory I've reserved my comments to strictly the content they post and why it is lacking.


Thats JR mother

Just about everybody I know is a racist.

And are you proud of that? Or just pointing it out?

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Just pointing it out, Fred.

Maybe you should start associating with different people. I am not so naive as to say racism is de minimus today, but it is so much better.

Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, I observed a drastic change in the overall racial environment in a much more positive way. Racism was so bad back then, that we knew when we went certain places right here in Toledo, the only African-Americans we would see, would be servers or cleaners. At least one local bar had a farily large sign behind the bar itself saying "N-words stay out".

Racism stills exists, but if it were really as widely spread as you imply, there would be no way Obama could have even attained the Democratic nomination in2008, not to mention winning the general election!

The young people I work with which is a VERY diverse group think racism is funny. Not actual racist acts itself but the promotion of stereotypes and making the claim of racism itself.

I remember an episode of Parks and Recreation where one of the main characters moved in with the young couple on the show. The couple's whole life was in disarray and in a live for the moment type of lifestyle. The character who moved in was teaching them about paying bills and in this particular instance was teaching them how to wash clothes. He told them you must separate the whites from the colors to which the young woman replied "that's racist".

That is the damage done from people wrongly claiming racism. It has become so commonplace that the young generation now views it as a punchline for everything.

But it has not come without positives. Currently in my office I have males whose ethnicities are 1 black, 1 Mexican, 1 Colombian, 1 (actually from) Russian, and 3 white Americans. They come from all over the country. Yes they joke about taking the black one to KFC, that the Russian one drinks Vodka like water, that the Colombian will sell you blow, that the white one from Iowa can't rap or dance. But they also get along and respect each other more than the diverse groups I grew up with when I was there age.

So with the new generations I see a big problem where actual racism claims won't be taken seriously but I also see where they are way more accepting even if they recognize and promote stereotypes.


as bad now if not worse than when I grew up in the 50's. Now it is more overt! Ethnic jokes don't have a place in the workplace.....smh

I agree! Jokes in the workplace are far worse than the school burning, public lynching, and rioting that occured in the 60's and 70's!


it's hard to believe that you really think that racism is worse now than it was in the 1950s. You state that it is "more overt" now? Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Southern states had legalized segregation and inter-racial marriages were illegal. I call this "overt". How can it get "more overt" than an openly racist sign in at least one local bar?

We must appreciate what people went through to stand up for racial equality. People died. Both minorities and those in the majority who stood with them died. We have moved forward. Let's hope that young people will build a future society where racism is only something they read about in history books.

IMHO we are moving in the right direction. I have a long memory. I remember your posting in 2008 that Barack Obama could never get the Democratic nomination for President over Hillary Clinton because of racism. You then stated that Obama could never win the general election over John McCain because of racism. You were wrong then. And you're wrong now.

Order issued by President Harry Truman in 1948. Prejudice grows from fear. Ignorance is the breeding ground for the fear which leads to prejudice. When people work together, live in neighborhoods together, socialize together, they are far less likely to look to differences in race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and/or sexual preference as reasons to discriminate. Someone doing the work you do back in the 1940s would be working in a lily white workplace, and the government arbitrarily "interned" [jailed] Japanese-Americans in the early 1940s, even those born and raised in the United States! Did they arbitrarily "intern" German-Americans or Italian-Americans, even those who were not yet U.S. citizens? We've come a long way. We still have a long way to go.

you see through the eyes of a white man, I see through the eyes of a black woman. Back in the 50's and 60's blacks and whites worked together to change the fabric of America. Now blacks and whites are move divided than ever before and the division is along racial lines. Whites were a part of the racial scenery that changed America as far as it being segregated. Integration has not worked and segregation is back in place and it has produced overt racism.......you should be able to see that by being on this site.....the Prison Industrial Complex is seen by many blacks as the same as lynching.....Strange fruit is not hanging from trees but black men, women and children are in danger and endangered everyday in America, not able to partake completely in the American dream because of the color of our skin.....

The classic prison industrial complex argument. Let's release any black criminals who were not convicted of murder in the first degree. Give each one of them an abandoned home in the central city or elsewhere, a job at GM, and a mule.
Perhaps if you stopped looking through the eyes of a black woman and looked instead through the eyes of a human being you'd see things differently. The space below is left blank for your post calling me racist, and saying I was nicer before.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I know many black men and women. While there may be some who agree with you, most of those whom I know, recognize the opportunities which are available now for all minorities which many people of courage and good spirit fought to establish starting in the 1950's and 1960s. I remember, as a college student in the 1960s, being called a reverse racist because I spoke up about understanding the frustrations which led to the violence in those times, even though I found the violence to be counter-productive.

The work is not complete. But, I must repeat: if you believe that race relations are worse now than then, you are wrong, just as you were in 2008.

Dale, and now you know why purnhrt cannot have the "honest discussion about race" she says she wants to have.

I think this thread was doing a good job of an honest and open dialogue until purnhrt came in with her jokes are worse than lynching and it takes a hard left turn.

We need to just ignore her statements from here on out in this thread.

We do agree that we've seen a lot of improvement but the work is not complete. And you're right the military has led the country on most social issues. As long as it doesn't damage the military and affect the mission I'm for it. That's why I've been a strong advocate for things such as women in combat.


I am the father of a son and a daughter. I always felt that my daughter should have every opportunity available to my son and all of the responsibilities as well.

I feel the same way you do about our military often leading the way for the rest of society. Truman's actions, in an election year, almost cost him the 1948 election. Strom Thurmond, ostensibly a Democrat at the time, ran for President in the South on the "Dixiecrat", third party, ticket. In 1964, Thurmond would switch to the Republican Party.

My son and daughter have been taught to judge people on their actions instead of skin color. They both have Asian, black, Hispanic friends in fact my sons girlfriend is Hispanic. They also have gay and straight friends. They don't have any friends who are assholes however. My godson is mixed race. I don't mention this to show how "liberal" in my thinking I am or how tolerant because as you can see from my posts on here I am intolerant of ignorance, stupidity, and assholes no matter what ethnicity.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

me. Dale you say that we have agreed on things but we don't agree on this issue. I don't recall ever agreeing with you. If so point it out to me. Fred just tries to get a rise out of me for some strange reason. Fred, I wonder what your son and daughter would say about some of the names you have called me. Mikey likes to contol what I say and do and then tries to influence others to follow his lead. I could give less than a "cow pie" if you read, comment or ignore my posts. And I was right in 2008!
Fred you sound like the white guy who offends a latino, black or other minority then tries to convince others that he is not racist by reciting how many blacks, latinos or other minorities he knows and are in his family. Thats a big joke in the black community.

combat is ridiculous. Women carry babies and should not be carrying guns to kill people that they don't even know.

daughters and believe that there are some jobs that women just should not do. I raised my three daughters to be what they want to be and am currently raising the last one the same way. Be who and what you want to be but there are some things I don't want for my daughters and being in the military is one of those things. So far none have want to go in the military, they have all had too many other opportunities to pursue and have been successful. Too much sexism in the military that allows men to use their "superiority" to rape, molest and hurt women. I hope my comments are too deep for you three to understand.

Another post to show her true ignorance.

It's completely sexist. There are some jobs a woman shouldn't do?

The military uses superiority to rape molest and hurt women?

I guess it must be her expertise on the military that causes her to have this view.

Dale, I've always been supportive of women in combat as long as we universalize the standards. If they allow women lower standards they risk alienating them from their brothers in arms.

I witnessed first hand how effective women can be in combat. In Afghanistan my unit was the parent command of the regional FET (Female Engagement Team). These women ran convoys, patrols, and were under threat of fire every day. They were attached to male units so there was Marines of like gender who could search and communicate the female civilians. They performed better than the majority of the all-male units I worked with.

Additionally I did crossfit and martial arts with their OIC. She was a MMA fighter in her free time and judging by the speed and intensity of her workouts I would have no doubt she could probably take me in a even fight. She was not the first female athlete that I served with that I was able to witness for myself that they are fully capable of combat roles.

So in conclusion, as long as we maintain uniform standards I see no problem with giving women combat roles.

And it should be said that the incidents of rape and molestation that are rising the fastest... involve male victims and they are underreported more than when women are victims. But purnhrt and facts are rarely in the same room. I guess pointing that out is my effort to control her and everyone else.


I hope my comments aren't too deep for you three to understand.

Nope, not at all. I don't even really think that's possible. You are raising your daughters to be who they want to be as long as that doesn't include any job you think they shouldn't have like being a soldier....got it.
As far as your ignorant comment about me, it's expected. It's why I included the part about not mentioning races to prove I was "liberal" thinking. As far as my kids go, they know I consider some people assholes (ahem) and they understand why. They also understand people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others (ahem) use the race card whenever they have nothing to add to the conversation. I would love to label you an asshole on here Twerpa but I know you'd scream racism, sexism, etc etc. I'll leave it to others to decide for themselves what you are.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

you are so predictable. I can always tell when something I have written does not agree with you. That is when you resort to skewing my name. It is a tactic to raise my level of discontent but I have been called worse than that. Oh yeah and you have already called me an asshole on this site. Bully!

Bullying! I call bullying!

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Purnhrt -- We agree on most national issues upon which I have read your comments over the years. In 2008, you stated that Barack Obama could not win because of racism. That makes you wrong about racism in 2008 and you're wrong about racism now. That's not to say that racism is no problem today, but it is demonstrably better than when you and I were young. I'm truly sorry that you cannot see that.

Mikey -- Everything you point out, I agree with. As I stated, I wanted -- and still want -- my daughter to have all of the same opportunities as my son has, but I don't want standards to be lowered either.

Fred -- I am also very proud that my son and daughter judge people as individuals. That's the way my father taught me. Now, my mother was a different story. She was an Archie Bunker type, who THOUGHT that she was fully accepting of all people, but would make all kinds of derogatory remarks about almost anyone you can imagine who was not both white and Jewish. Nevertheless, her hypocrisy in this area taught me something, too.

"It's hard to understand race in America but you see the unfairness of it more in our political process and law enforcement system than ever before. The incarceration of black men under 30 has increased since the Obama presidency 70%.

We live in a society where a nation would elect its first black president and it seems that all hell is breaking out against people of color, from the unwillingness to work with the president to secret meetings by members of congress ploting the destruction of his presidency, racist TV commentators on Fox News, race baiting radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage throwing hate balls balls every where. Even the Supreme Courts who rules in favor of wealth on the common man to give the super rich the advantage just for his defeat. Tea Party nut...s preaching hate, treason all calling for his head on a silver platter. States using voter suppression and purging voters of ballots in order to secure a November victory for a party of hate.

This is NOT a story. We all know the haters and everybody else who is a Republican will endorse the Plastic Man. Like robots, they will all fall in line with the powers in the Republican Party. They have called the Plastic Man anything and everything from crook to liar and everthing else in between, but they will embrace him like he's a God at the end. They have no real integrity or values, all about their brand of politics. Gingrich said that the Plastic Man would be the worst thing for our country, but now he embraces the "worst thing". Guess, it's ok to have the worst thing as President. See, liars and hypocrites, that's what they all are."

I will take issue with the only "fact" you present.

"The incarceration of black men under 30 has increased since the Obama presidency 70%." I have a very VERY hard time believing this is true. My reasoning is because for it to be true we would have needed a massive expansion of prisons in this country, of which I have seen none. SO... I would then ask you to cite where you came up with this number and if possible provide a link.

Until you cite it I will treat it much like the rest of your post... that of the opinion of someone who chooses to believe what they want to devoid of the facts and who would rather spend time lobbing attacks at others than have respect for that which is correct and the mark of a partisan who cannot see anything other than the color of her own skin.


Purnhrt I agree and I'm a white man! The racist south wants to turn back the hands of time to the Jim Crow era. Next year if a Republic can lie and spend his way to the Whitehouse the clock of justice will be turned back to a time none of us will recognize. Will the American people stand for this? We will see!

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.


I never stated that racism did not exist today. I only stated that it is better now than when we grew up.
I have not seen your statistics. Please cite a source.
I agree that the election of Barack Obama has sent the right-wingers into a greater tizzy than any Presidential election ever! I thought that things were bad when Bill Clinton was elected! The attacks on Obama are far more bitter, and I do believe that the vigor and the extreme nature of the attacks have a racist basis from many. I fully accept that conservative thinkers can have sincere disagreements with the Obama Administration, but far too many attacks are personal against the man and his family. I believe that Obama's actions, working with a much more amenable Congress in his first two years, avoided our nation and the world having the Great Recession turn into the Second Great Depression.

Some white folks just can't accept the idea that a black person is our president, and that he is one of the most intelligent and intellectual presidents we've ever had. They prefer white underachievers. That's another reason why the right wing is not so happy with Romney. He's not a "good ol' boy". The right wing preferred W to his father, for heaven's sakes. W isn't half the man his father is!

You quoted it, I merely dispute it. And yes I read it fully. If you're going to quote someone then the assumption is that you have access to everything they said or can at least provide who it was who said it.

So again "I would then ask you to cite where you came up with this number and if possible provide a link."

Is this person's name "white man"? I doubt it. Is this person's fact credible? I doubt it. Does this person exist? I doubt it. You've been very cavalier with the facts in the past why should I expect you to be accurate now?

At what point did I say you were the only person who thought racism still existed? In fact, I think everyone who's posted in this thread believes that. The issue at hand is the level of which it exists in.

I shall now end with a quote with a citation so you may see how it is done. "Wow, purnhrt, you are so poignant and thought provoking!" - No one said ever.


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