‘I don't want presents this year. I want to donate 101 pairs of shoes to kids that don't have shoes!

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY (5/18/12) – For their birthdays, most 6-year-olds want presents and cake. Not 6-year-old Jasmine “Jazzy” Larkins (pictured on far right beside her mother, and older sister Lilly). Jazzy has requested something much different for her 7th birthday this year on June 9th.

“I ask my kids about a month before their birthdays every year what kind of party and presents they want,” said Stephanie Larkins, Jazzy’s mother. “This year I was asking Jazzy what she wanted, and she said ‘I don't want presents this year. I want to donate 101 pairs of shoes to kids that don't have shoes.’ I was nearly in tears when I realized she was being serious.”

Stikii, a children's Footwear manufacturer based in Toledo, Ohio has already agreed to donate a few dozen pair of shoes. And, they announced that they will continue to donate, up to 101 pairs of shoes. For every pair of shoes purchased through their e-commerce site, thru May 31, 2012, Stikii will donate an identical pair to in honor of Jazzy! (Be sure to mention Jazzy in the notes & comments area!)

Stephanie proceeded to look for a charity that would fulfill Jazzy’s birthday wish. Apparently, Jazzy had seen a children’s program on television that ran a story about a little girl who had gotten birthday donations of 101 pairs of shoes for a children’s school in Africa.

“Children in parts of Africa aren't allowed in school without shoes,” explained Stephanie. “This story touched Jazzy and she wanted to help too!”

Stephanie has started a Facebook event page to help obtain shoe donations. She has also set up four donation boxes in different locations for Jazzy. One of the drop boxes is in Henderson at Sitex, one is in Hopkinsville at the YMCA, one will be in Madisonville at the American Legion, and the fourth will be in Owensboro at the Power of Touch Massage Studios.

“We have already had one donation of 33 pairs of shoes and many others have informed me of their donations as well,” shared Stephanie. “I believe Jazzy is not only going to get her wish, but she is going to surpass her goal, due to all of the support from our friends, family, and the communities they all reside in. This has been an amazing experience.”

"If I reach my goal, it will be the best birthday in all my 7 years," said Jazzy.

If you would like to donate shoes for Jazzy to help her celebrate her 7th birthday please contact Stephanie on Facebook, by email at s.d.larkins@gmail.com or by calling (270)869-4603.

“She got me excited about it,” said Stephanie. “I did research on all kinds of shoe related charities and I found Soles 4 Souls. They do wonderful things for people all over the world and their world headquarters is in Tennessee. This means Soles 4 Souls is close enough we can personally deliver the shoes.”

The representative for Soles 4 Souls has promised Jazzy a tour of their headquarters so that she can meet some of the people that will be helping get her shoes to children in need.

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