ANOTHER REFERENCE: Oops--the same literary agency that published a 1991 reference to Obama as being "born in Kenya" (see below)--and recently explained that they had done this in error--published another Obama bio in 2003--once again stating Kenya as his birthplace. So what was Obama up to? Was it "sexier" to claim he wasn't born in the U.S.? Only an egotist could rationalize that the truth about him (whatever that might be) would never come out. Here's a link to an article with further information:


"Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii." Another "birther" claim? Nope. This quote was taken from a booklet published in 1991 by a literary agency promoting Obama's books.

Knowing that Obama's favorite subject is himself, it would be very difficult to believe that he didn't insist on proofreading this publicity biography. As suggested in the link to an article on the next page, the uncovering of this information doesn't so much call into question Obama's place-of-birth, as much as it reinforces what we've come to know about him--he seems to manufacture his past as it suits his current needs.

Here's a link to the article


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Obama's first book wasn't published till 1995. What books of Obama was it pushing of his in 1991?

You're a dumbass...

You're right--I am a "dumbass" for assuming that people would actually read the article before commenting.

The good thing that has come out of this experience is that I have coined a new phrase--"You've been Sensorged." This refers to receiving a reply to a posting where the commenter hasn't taken the time to read the article before commenting.

All SwampBubblers--feel free to use this whenever applicable!

By those standards wolfman has Sensorged himself several times.

Maybe SensorG got wolfmaned, or is that word already reserved for admitting public libel or avoiding fair and basic questions?


I'm not a birther Sensor but if you read the full story you will find out that Obama was working on a book in '91 which was never published. The press release is from his literary agents. My questions would be; if it's the truth why didn't we know it before now, it it's not true why would Obama allow it to be used by his agents? Do you have answers for either of those questions.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

... surround his "biography", it's mind boggling. Some of them are coming back to "visit" him this election cycle, as well they should. He got into office, basically, like the emperor in that fairy tale. The fairy tale king is walking down the main drag in his long johns - the populace has been instructed to praise his wonderful new clothes, and all slavishly do so, until one little boy calls out: "The emperor has no clothes on."

A comment about "not a birther". Problem with that is - if you question ANYTHING that just doesn't wash, about BO, you are considered a birther - so... SO WHAT? Birther is a made-up term created to intimidate anyone who questions anything about BO's past. And when you have to issue that disclaimer, you are playing the game by "their" rules.

For example, the much much much belated "birth certificate" that was finally presented as real, was done after a lot of money was paid to lawyers fighting various attempts to give public access to Obama's records. Personally, I don't care where he was born, because his mother was an American citizen. That's good enough for me. This natural born citizen thing has never been adequately explained to the point that all American agree on exactly what it means, and the amount of time wasted on this - in my opinion - has given BO a chance to act as the injured party on the topic. It has been an extreme waste of time to blather on and on about where he was born - it may have been outside the U.S. Who knows? I'm much more bothered that no media type has ever asked him on television why he went to one college as a "foreign student" - one of many good indicators (like the number of social security numbers he has) that much of his biography is laced with half truths or out and out falsehoods.

BUT I do have a REAL problem with an obviously fake birth certificate being presented to scam the American people. And I have no problem saying so. And I believe it's bowing to the liberal crowd and mainstream media to preface any comment by saying "I'm not a birther". "Birther" is a made up term, and when used in a disclaimer, that's a tacit admission that ultra-liberals and the mainstream media have legitimate reason to use this made-up term of contempt. The contemptible mainstream media lap dogs can make up all the derogatory terms they want. My response is "pfffft" [that's the raspberry for anybody wondering".]

A good rule of thumb is NEVER play by the mainstream media rules - never use terms that they have made up - it gives credence to their liberal point of vivew.

, toot cocaine for months on end, smoke the weed for years, smoke Kool cigarettes his entire adult life, drive drunk on Gin many times, and liberals dismiss it as if these statements are from his opposition.
Rather than statements He, himself has made in his two ( 2 ? ) apocryphal autobiographies ?!

Liberals total lack of salubrious cognition eventually sours their brains into the inability to differentiate rat crap and raisins !?

It is similar to the outcome of the mental patient experimented on in the novel " Flowers For Algernon" ....Charly's fate-is every liberal's end !

Actually FG kinda hit the nail on the head.

Most reasonable people agree he was born here. I am of that mold.

But this new finding shows he, like Elizabeth Warren in Mass, has allowed false information about him to be spread if he wasn't the one spreading it. I seriously doubt a publisher decided to make up that he was born in Kenya. Most likely either he told them that OR it was printed elsewhere.

Likewise there seems to be other information leaking out now about what he's told people that is false. The companies he "worked for" for instance. Again, this is a lot of errors in someone's personal bio. Now I've had several bio's published about me. Every single one either I wrote or they were written off of a previous bio and I was given it for fact confirmation. So the fact that he was unaware of this being said about him is unlikely and, like Ms Warren, there doesn't seem a attempt to correct it or find the correct information.

If Mitt Romney's bullying in high school is fair game this is most definitely fair game.


I wonder why he was perfectly happy the story was spread, anyhow, long before anyone knew anything else about him? Which group(s)was he pandering to in 1991?

Obviously, one of two things is true. Either he was really born in Kenya, OR, he deliberately allowed the lie that he was born there to be spread. Possibly because he thought it would further his literary career, made him sound more "exotic".
Hell, even some of the stuff in his autobiography has been found to be fiction.
The guy lies so much maybe he can't recognize the truth any more.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni


I had a bio in a conference handbook that said erroneously stated that I graduated from the University of Michigan. PR blurbs are often rife with errors and rarely retracted because they're not important. They're certainly not legally binding, because it if they were I'd be typing this next to my BA in International Business from UM.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

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