Panic in Washington this week


I could have told them it's not going to be business as usual this election cycle. But they listen to the lap dog media - not ordinary citizens.

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Say what? It will be business as usual. Over 90% of Americans will select either corporate candidate A (Obama) or corporate candidate B (Romney). Both sides have once again been purchased by Wall Street. So we're going to have bailouts and subsidies and tax breaks (i.e. socialism) for the elite, while the middle class continues to shrink under the assault of the "enforced market" (which is hardly free when you either get what's left over, or you are forced to participate by government mandate).

The winner of the 2012 elections has already been decided: Wall Street. And the loser similarly has already been determined: The rest of us, largely the middle class.

Really, the financial history of the common American family has already been written for 2013-2016: More problems, fewer solutions.

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