Time for our taxpayer dollars to start bailing out our own COUNTRY --- not "homeland" --- COUNTRY - the United States of America.

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Like the half a BILLION in bailout funds that GM used to build a plant in Mexico!!

But GM is alive Billy! Are you not a patriot! LOL


Farmergal, as soon as you tolerated the bailouts, they knew they could get away with anything. And they are, because you still tolerate bailouts.

Stop the bailouts and you stop this sort of thing. There are no half measures with this.

It's like you're complaining about some crook using the proceeds of burglarizing your house for his crack addiction. You lost the ability to control all that once you allowed the burglaries to occur.

In the past, I sent a few Rasmussen presidential tracking polls to my e-mail list, and one friend, in turn, now sends Rasmussen polls to his list - the one above being one of the latest.

I agree with you to a point about the bailouts, and heard Sen. Levin on tv just an hour or so ago, talking about "we don't want to have to have any more bailouts" etc. What frustrates me about what he said is, I figure Levin, as well as Sherrod Brown and other Senators are well aware that a Depression era regulation was quietly lifted, by request of Goldman Sachs, in the 1990's, which led to our financial disaster (yes, GDII) -- and this regulation needs to be restored to bring stability back to banking. So why don't our esteemed Senators make the SEC do just that - restore that regulation? [I have already posted the Matt Taibbi article that explains this in detail.] Excuse me while I get up from falling down laughing -- these senators aren't going to do anything substantive like that.

I was NEVER for the bailouts. I like the Rasmussen poll above, because "STOP FOREIGN AID" has been my theme for a few decades now. Our so-called reps in Washington play around with THE hard-earned tax dollars of American citizens like it was THEIR own money. And they charge us something like $180,000 a year (plus astronomical benefits and retirement money) apiece, to spend their time robbing American taxpayers blind, and giving it out to foreign countries, like Greece and France. They may as well have flushed it down the Senate building toilets. France now has a socialist prez, and Greece, it is speculated, will leave the EU eventually, without any austerity measures. Meaning they will have their Greece-y little hands out to the U.S. forever - receiving our tax dollars in the guise of the so-called International Monetary Fund. And our goofballs in D.C. will continue to give it to them.

To get to the part specifically about the DPI regularion, start at the paragraph that begins: "As is so often the case..."

Yo, Senators Levin, Brown and Portman - When exactly will you be working on getting this regulation fully restored? Anytime soon?

Romney should be campaigning on this - I'm sure Taibbi would be willing to explain it to him in detail.

Well even moreso than foreign aid the bailouts failed the nation because we didn't learn anything.

In every aspect of life will learn things. Smart people learn more from failure than anything else. By bailout out all of these companies we have denied them the opportunity to learn what they did wrong. That means the bailout has made them weaker intellectually than had they been allowed to "fail". The companies and the governments will now be more apt to repeat their mistake, most likely to even greater consequences the next time.

It's no different than that black sheep relative most of us have who despite all the problems they get into they keep getting bailed out by an enabler who hopes they change their ways. It's an endless cycle that moreoften than not ends in hurt feelings and hurt people.


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