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The Senator's current attack ad against Mandel is getting a lot of airing and attention, so thought to look up some things on Brown. To start with, here is his wikipedia bio:

Notable in the wiki bio, since this has been a recent topic on this message board - is the absence of a military service record for Brown. Sen. Brown would have been 18 in 1970. And, of course, could have joined up voluntarily. Josh Mandel's campaign ad show-casing his own military service was, certainly, the trigger for Senator Brown's nasty attack ad. Which tells me that Senator Brown feel vulnerable on this topic. Which is exactly why Josh Mandel should do several more ads based on his honorable military service.

I have a lot of thoughts on the draft, some conflicting. Most people, men and women, who lived through the Vietnam era, have bitter memories of the draft, for various reasons. BUT - I assume that any liberal democrats in Ohio who think military service is a prerequisite to high office - and who believe that any past draft dodging whatsoever [including student deferment] is unacceptable.... will not be voting for Sherrod Brown in November.... right???

As to Brown's accusations against Mandel, I need to do more research. But Brown got into the Senate, and DeWine got un-elected (2008), for the simple reason that DeWine voted with Bush on the "wars", when the American public was war weary. Same reason Santorum got un-elected in PA the same year. In other words, Brown got in because he wasn't a Republican, not because anything was really known about him state-wide. Then in 2010, BO got "shellacked" for much the same reason - he stayed in Afghanistan and Iraq, when he had basically campaigned against the wars.

Bottom line - Mandel should fight back, and fight back hard. Layoffs are still taking place regularly all over Ohio - although Kasich has made some improvements in the overall picture. Brown has had since January 2009 to do something pro-active on jobs. Instead economic disaster accompanied his tenure in the Senate. Mandel could begin there. But don't waste a lot of time being Mr. Nice Guy, Josh. Brown won't

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Obvously, I got Brown's Senate election year wrong (above), it being 2006 (not 2008) - when, to remind again, DeWine and Santorum lost their Senate seats due to voting with Bush on what is now Obama's war.

Senator Brown has had since January 2007 to do something pro-active on jobs for Ohioans - in other words to do some real work on the economy.. That's 5+ years. I learned after my original post, above, that a Rasmussen poll put Brown and Mandell neck and neck (even). Didn't know that, but it further explains why Brown is so worried so early in the campaign.

As a conservative, I believe having a Republican Senate is more important than who gets the White House in November 2012. Having said that, if Romney does win in November, I don't think there will be another Democrat as prez for, at minimum, another 12 years [at which point, the Republican party generally finds a way to screw up - the 12 year mark].

There is speculation around our kitchen table lately that the reason Hillary looks so terrible these days is that she accurately sees the Dems going down to defeat in November. Whatever the reason, she has completely let herself go, which is unusually for "boomer" women.

You seem to have a near obsession with the way people "look". You compared McCain to Obama. Than you compared Obama and Mitt. Now you focus upon Hillary's looks? Appears to be quite superficial to me.

Lincoln should have never won! According to his own description of himself, he was quite a homely man.

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