The Hypocrisy Of Sodomites!

In today's backwards world its o.k. for sodomites to curse people of faith...that is now freedom of speech. But, if you're a Chrstian speaking against are an intolerant bigot. This country is going down like Soddom and Gomorrah.

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Half of her clientele seem to be homosexual, she admits.

They ask her essentially the same question over and over for years.
The question asked,using varying verbiage each time is : Why am I homosexual ?!

At $125+ an hour....who would ever really want to answer it ?!
Just come back and we'll talk...

Wow Kooz, your obsession with butt sex is becoming more and more telling… self-loath much?

... has been co-opted. Hedonists now believe they own the subject, and appear to think they have found a wonderful way to interject blasphemy and other filth into something originally meant to help young people. It's pure evil on display.

And it got me to thinking about Dave Roever, the badly burned Vietnam Vet who traveled the nations schools for years, helping thousands of young people, lifting them out of despair and hopelessness.

The contrast is stark - good vs. evil.

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